OptimizePress or LeadPages?

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In the past, I've used JVZoo as a platform but I'm interested in trying either OptimizePress or LeadPages or possibly both. I've been on their websites but I'm not clear on a couple things...Is LeadPages just for squeeze pages? Or can you set up funnels too? I'd like feedback from current users... Thanks
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    Clickfunnels is what you want.

    I have used them all, I hope someone can prove me wrong.

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      Originally Posted by Tyler Pratt View Post


      Clickfunnels is what you want.

      I have used them all, I hope someone can prove me wrong.
      I've heard of Clickfunnels being better than LeadPages. How is it better?
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    I have Optimize, it's good for selling products with all of the classic graphics, arrows, video boxes, audio players, buy now buttons etc. It gives you what you need for a sales page.
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    I've heard quite a lot about OptimizePress and their designs tend to pull leads to take action.

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    It seem this discussion will be similar debate which one better between Aweber vs Getresponse.
    I have to say both have their pros and cons, however I slightly prefer OptimizePress over LeadPages.

    Firstly, you have more control on OptimizePress since it is a theme and you can change everything as you like but they have many great template for you and this will help you faster to design your page. In other hand, LeadPages have many templates however it limited to their design, where you can't move location of images and so on.. But their templates is based what performing in the market which is very handy.

    Secondly, I dislike recurring payment $37 for LeadPages subscription rather one time fee OptimizePress ($97-$297) depending on your license. Even OptimizePress have reduce his unlimited license from 50 to 30 but this is still reasonable compare to LeadPages.

    Thirdly, this is most bothering me. You can install LeadPages to your unlimited WordPress website very easily however you will not able to use it if you discontinue your subscription because all of their design is pull out from API which hosted on their website. Unlike OptimizePress, you only need to purchase once and install.

    I hope this can clarify bit what I think bout OptimizePress and LeadPages. I might be choose LeadPages if I think I don't want to purchase many domains and hosting services because I hosted in their website. However, if I want more control, OptimizePress is my option.

    There are few resources that worth considering:
    1. Instabuilder
    2. Thrivethemes
    3. Clickfunnels
    4. WP Profitbuilders
    5. 10minutesfunnel
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    I'm part way through my trial with click funnels right now, ive watched a few video and test set up some campaigns...i HATE buying products and have not done it for 6 years...BUT clck funnels seems pretty solid to me, im waiting for something not to go well...hasnt happened yet

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      Although your question is about OptimizePress and LeadPages. But I want to take your attention towards TCB (Thrive Content Builder) from Thrive Themes. It has many good templates and you can also change any aspect of that template or you can build your own template. Very easy to use and drag and drop feature. I am on the way towards the OtpmizePress to purchase it but when I see the TCB, I fall in love with it.

      Sanjay Sharma
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        I've been using '90 Second Website Builder.

        In the 12 years I've been making a full living online, this is the best website builder I have every used.
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          Hey GlenH

          Thanks for that information on 90 second website builder, I dont even know you but I trust you more than all the gurus out there, I just picked up the 30 day trial I will let you know how it goes, I came to the forum for info on click funnels, and I think I picked up a diamond.

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