What's considered the best Adsense guide these days?

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I remember back in the day, the Xfactor adsense guide for building micro niche sites was considered THE method to learn if you were into Adsense.

I did pretty well with a few of those sites, but I've been out of the Adsense loop for a few years now. And I admit I'm just being lazy about researching, but is there any one guide out there that people consider the "go to" method for Adsense nowadays? Or maybe a few of the top regarded methods, just to point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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    Yeah,I did pretty well with spun content in the back days.
    Then you know what happen,but now I have the “to go” method for adsense..Paid Traffic with high quality content sites...
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      There is a book available on Amazon/Kindle by Joel Comm, he actually has a couple,but the one on adsense is $4.99, when I bought it.

      Also there are a few decent .pdf's available in the warroom, one is called adsense flippers. it is a few years old but I think the techniques sitll work today. The same people also have another guide in the warroom, I can not think of the name but part of the name is "adsense paychecks"


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        Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

        There is a book available on Amazon/Kindle by Joel Comm, he actually has a couple,but the one on adsense is $4.99, when I bought it.
        I second this recommendation. It is still $4.99, and the title is "Google AdSense Secrets 6.0: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense". The book is about 300 pages, and is very in-depth - everything you could possibly want to know about Adsense. The author has made many thousands of dollars with Adsense, and shares his methods and detailed tips for setting up your ads, where to place them, what works and why, and things that don't work and why not.

        I have seen Adsense courses selling for $197 that don't contain anywhere near the amount of information and help that Joel Comm's book does, and he shares the information for way less money.
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    I would look at it a different way. With adsense, traffic is your primary concern. So instead of looking for adsense courses, look for the right traffic courses.

    There are two primary traffic methods you can use for adsense that actually work. Obviously they have to be free or almost free traffic sources. Here are the ones I know work.

    1. SEO - You will never learn SEO on a one-off course because SEO constantly changes. Current courses become obsolete. You need a monthly course with webinars and training. The best one on the market today (in my opinion) is Source University by Alex Becker: http://source-wave.com/university/.

    2. Social Traffic - A possibly better alternative to SEO would be viral traffic from social sites. You can curate content in viral niches (you must have at least 50 words of unique content per post). You can get thousands of visitors per day from Facebook and other social sites for free/almost free. I'm learning how to do this now. I'd recommend Social Profit Machine: Social Profit Machine | Social Traffic Made Easy.

    I've made a full time income with adsense and SEO for 6 years now so this is really possible.
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    from 0$ /day to upto 20$ /day even if you have 50-100 pageviews per day!

    Get Content Targeted Super Real Traffic to Boost your Adsense Revenue!

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