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I've read mixed reviews on InstaMember. One of the reviews was a praise by an IMer, Andy Brocklehurst. From what I've seen of the features, it seems to do all that I'd need.

While I'd appreciate any comments from those that have used it, there's one feature that I found interesting, but didn't get any details on from the creator of the software. It has the ability to generate license keys. This interest me as I'm developing some software (Windows-based) and was looking for a licensing system.

I had asked support about the license generation feature, but only got the following answer:

Yes, InstaMember can generate license keys, in fact this is what we use to run all of our membership site, and with InstaMember site itself. All of our download copies are all licensed. The license key is generated through InstaMember. As to how it works, we do have instructions on how to proceed on this feature, which is only available inside your InstaMember account.
The details on how it works was what I was looking for. I asked so that I could get an idea of whether it works for just general licensing, or whether it supported domains as well. That is, I could use it to license WordPress themes so that it would only work on one domain or x-number of domains.


I've done a bit of Googling and found this PDF document:

Seems that it uses JSON for communication. With this, I'd be able to do software activation for themes, plugins, or Windows executables. However, I'd still be interested to hear the experiences of anyone else that's recently used InstaMember.
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