Anyone tried 9 dollar business package by Andrea Fox?

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I've just browsing the net today and stumbled upon this product from Google ads. Here's the link (not an affiliate link):

The 9 Dollar Business Package | Make Money Online From Home

The owner claimed that her package is much better than Profit Lance or Millionaire League and also with a cheaper price tag (only 9 bucks). I've been trying to find reviews for this product but still no succes until now.

One thing though which I think is quite interesting is the picture of Andrea Fox (the creator of this product) is similar to a picture of a girl in stock photo collections here:

Royalty Free Stock Photo Image: beautiful isolated portraits |

Pretty interesting eh? (Btw, I found this info from another forum)

So, anyone tried it or had success with this program?

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    That's hilarious. I've seen that chick on so many advertisements. That's no Andrea Fox it's just some model. Name also reminds me of Andrew Fox. Last time I saw her picture was on an ad I got in the mail for some Dental service. Blown up face with really white teeth.

    edit: doh, I didn't read your post properly, but funny we noticed the same thing and I mentioned it without realizing you said it.
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    Yes, that's actually quite funny. I don't know if it's acceptable to use other person's photo and claim is as your own photo especially in internet marketing industry where credibility is really important.

    When I was browsing another forum, some people actually said that Andrea Fox is actually the same with Kris McCarthy, the owner of Average Joe. But I'm not really sure whether it's true or not.

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      I believe that the site itself is for sale. I saw it on Sitepoint I think, but can't remember.
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    Not sure but absolutely sure that this is a "gateway" product. Once you've got this be prepared to be hit with OTOs as well as the "real" product for quite a bit more (typically $100-200).
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    That's true Rob. B, I was searching another forum and sitepoint today and found this:


    And funny you mentioned that chyperslock, because this program actually offer "coaching" after you purchase the $9 package. So yes, I think the real program is not the $9 ebook, but the thousand dollars coaching that they offer after that.

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