Traffic Geyser vs Tube Mogul: Anyone have experiences using BOTH to compare?

by Dexx
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I'm considering signing up for the platinum package with Traffic Geyser for the multiple video uploads, sites, AND training resources provided to really go through a boot camp version of video marketing 101.

However I really like the tracking and stats provided by Tube Mogul...

Is that basically the only real reason to go with Tube Mogul is for the ability to track views of videos etc?

How easy is it to have accounts created for Tube Mogul so you can just begin posting (I know its possible to have profiles created for Traffic Geyser so you can get rockin and rolling right away)

Does anyone have feedback on the tracking ability of Traffic Geyser?

Another thing I like about Traffic Geyser is the one push ability for bookmarking etc. (which I do get with SENuke, however it lacks the number of major Video Sites I wish to promote to currently)

So ya...

Tube Mogul vs Traffic Geyser.... which is better for business!

PS - I plan to use the video marketing services for offline clients so the ability to provide feedback on stats and views is also a key part (which has me leaning towards Tube Mogul) but TubeMogul charges a pretty penny for multiple video submissions a month.
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    Personally I'm more fond of Traffic Geyser myself.

    Here is a free trial link..

    Traffic Geyser

    (It is a affiliate link, but I don't know how you can get the free trial without using a affiliate link)

    That way you can try both without shelling out any $.
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      How's the tracking and reports analysis with Traffic Geyser for video views etc in your experience?
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    Tube Mogul will reject and filter out a lot of IM type company submissions. They actually had at one time a sort of relationship with Traffic Geyser (maybe still do) or at least the two companies were trying to define their roles so that certain types of publishers that Tube Mogul did not want to attract would use Traffic Geyser more and other types that were acceptable to Tube Mogul would use them.

    Traffic Geyser is more of a marketing based service geared more toward marketing based video distribution...

    While tube mogul is more of a content based syndication service geared toward the syndication of shows and high value content.

    Tube Mogul has to filter the kind of submissions they will syndicate because of the relationships that they maintain with the video portals (which is how tube Mogul gets cooperation to offer you great stats) and the video portals don't really appreciate a bunch of IM type promo submissions coming from them.

    For that reason comparing the two services is really not going to do much for you since what you really need to do is ask your self what kind of content you are submitting...

    If its affiliate product reviews or small business ads for offline clients then Traffic Geyser is your best choice. Traffic Geyser is a great service which will likely be a better tool for business minded folks looking for more than just video site syndication as well.
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    well tubemogul you have to create the accounts manually so that can be quite labour intensive.
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        How do you find your success rate for approved videos you submit?

        Are you submitting marketing/promo style videos?

        How long does it take to have a video submitted to all the sites?

        How much is premium tracking services like InPlay etc to use?

        Is it possible to spin article titles etc?

        Originally Posted by Bob30 View Post

        I have been a long time user of TubeMogul. It is free and it works with about 24 different video sites. It also has analytics capability to compile your viewership numbers from different sites and compile them and allow tracking individually. They do have premium options available as well.
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    I dont think its a good idea to spin article titles for one video. Could appear as video spamming. why not use 2 long tail KWs and change the title slighlty. So you will get traffic twice

    also write an article just like you would for ezines to go with the video - so you get the benefit of the content being shown for the KW you are targetting

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    I think the overall concept of Traffic Geyser is great, but when I tried it many of my submissions didn't work - maybe 55% went through. I followed all of the directions to a T. If I'm going to pay that much for a monthly service I want it to work at least 98% of the time.
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  • I have used both. TG is a bit more robust, and offers things like squeeze page creation with a host of features, more video sites, more social bookmarking sites, podcast sites. They also don't reject your videos.

    TM is very restrictive and only allows certain content. Although TG has a cost associated with it, it is well worth it. They have a silver and gold package which are much less expensive.
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    Do you find the sites on TG actually get ranked (outside of the "major" ones)

    I've heard that even though TG promotes having 30+ websites, most of them are junk websites which get no exposure or traffic...kind of like promoting to a 100 PR0 blogs etc.
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      I like traffic geyser even if only 50-60% of videos go through. It would take me a long time to post and figure out which sites accept my videos.

      each video can be tracked inside TG site and downloaded to excel spreadsheet.
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