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Can you guys tell what you think about these Udemy courses for Teespring?

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    I have taken a couple of courses at udemy when they run specials. And the ones related to making money are usually crap.

    Although if you can take a course when they are running one of their many specials or get it for free then it might be worth the effort.


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    Yeah, Udemy isn't really out to help you. I would learn as much as you can for FREE here and and Black Hat World
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      Originally Posted by jmh777 View Post

      Yeah, Udemy isn't really out to help you. I would learn as much as you can for FREE here and and Black Hat World
      Lol what kind of "help" are you looking for on that darker forum?

      Udemy, lynda and a few other of instructor sites can be very useful depending on what you want to learn.

      And it is true to a certain extent that you can find that information free online. But the whole point of being in a course/class/program/whatever is that the focus is concentrate on precisely what you want to learn so you bypass having to scour through hundreds/thousands of posts on a mega-huge forum trying to find exactly what you want.

      I'd rather pay the fee for the course, to be honest. Spend endless days pouring through forum posts or spend that same time doing something productive for my business and pay for a concentrated version of what I'm looking for.

      Most business people i know would just pay of the information, put it to good use, then be on their merry way.

      Originally Posted by justhandsome View Post

      so read reviews before selecting any course
      Pretty much. Take into account those negative reviews as well.

      Also take note that all courses have a 30 day refund policy. Just saying.
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    Well I would disagree a bit.Udemy does have some good courses on adwords and advanced adwords.
    They are almost as good as any other adwords course any marketer is selling .
    The courses are good if you consider the discounted price and for basic understanding.
    But ofcourse this model is not taking off as we would have expected because somehow the engagement is missing .Watching videos some how you start loosing focus every 10 mins and when the courses are only made up of power point slides ,those are just people reading out slides and thats it.
    so read reviews before selecting any course
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    Thanks for the help guys! I'm going through all the free information I found first and when the time comes may expand on it with a course. The 30 day refund policy is great for this particular thing because it would only take me a fraction of that to see if it is useful or not.
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    You can also find free coupons that give you 100% discount for udemy courses - search in google - udemy coupons
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      I have taken a few Udemy courses at a discount, and they were excellent!
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