Best CPA /PPC Course?

by ahmar2
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I have studied and worked on various business models in detail and in my opinion CPA is fastest and easiest way to make money.

I want to start full time in CPA using either facebook ads or PPC traffic. However I don't want to spend hundreds of hours jumping from wso to wso. So I am asking for recommendations on best course to learn cpa marketing.

Also if anyone who knows CPA marketing and wants to partner up I will pay handsomely to learn. We can even do profit share (70% your and 30% mine) as long as I am learning this stuff

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        Originally Posted by ahmar2 View Post

        Its not available anymore. Just looked it up
        It is available. Go to Google and type in 'Rags to riches kenster' and it's on the first page on docstoc.

        However, Rags to Riches talks about many different CPA traffic generation strategies such as video, newspaper advertising, flyer advertising, etc.., so it doesn't exactly go in-depth on using PPC as a traffic source. It's more of a detailed overview of the whole CPA business model.

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    Member for 3 years and you still don't know your way around...
    There is a forum for CPA questions here: Ad Networks (CPM/CPL, Display, SEM)
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      Thanks for suggestion. My initial thinking was that that forum was specifically for discussing particular ad networks and not for discussing general cpa ideas. Any how if a moderator feels he can move thread there. Sorry
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    Adwords is very expensive. I've found Bing to be a great balance of quality and cost.
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    If you're looking for a very detailed ppc course I recommend the traffic blackbook.
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    Searcing on google, or you can find great thread about cpa here
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