Anyone pick up Leadin Competition App

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Any feed back on the leadin competition app?

(A few big names promoting but that doesn't always mean it's a good product.)
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      Originally Posted by Melrock View Post

      Yeah, I got it yesterday. Immediately had BIG problems ... created 3 contests and could not access any of them. Could not figure out how to edit them.

      I've been on the Internet almost 20 years, so NOT newbie challenged.

      I sent a note to the help desk. Got a reply this morning ... a very cryptic screenshot, that took me 10 min to figure out (like a few words would have been nice).

      They apparently FIXED whatever it was because it then worked.

      So ... next step. Created another new contest and got it up.
      They give you code to install. Took me five tries and five "saves" before it worked. (it kept on chopping off the last part of the code).

      Again ... NOT a newbie, I've installed 10000 bits of code.

      Then it worked, so I tested it. Had a few issues, so sent to a small newsletter and asked for helpers and comments.

      Then I went in and edited a bit of info about my prizes. No surprize, but the script disappeared again. $%#@!!

      So the BIG issue, is users can't 1. figure out what to do 2. can't get it to work. Go ahead ... try and REFER A FRIEND. I can't get it to happen. What is one supposed to do?

      Go ahead ... try and send the tweet. IF you know that you 1. Should be logged in ahead of time 2. Or have to log in and then send ... it will send HALF THE FREEKING TWEET. What good is that?

      Ditto with pretty well everything. See if YOU can get it to work. I'd be thrilled to hear about it because so far my email subscribers have been sending me BAD news.

      Twitter Mania Tweets Contest - Melanie Rockett

      On the ADMIN side there is a panel with a list of all the "actions" people supposedly took. I managed to work my way through it and got "action" checkmarks without actually doing, or sending, or referring, or liking anything.

      So far my opinion? A piece of Garbage. AND they try and bum rush you into upgrading to PRO. Half the stuff they show you on the main site is PRO stuff, but you don't find that out until you don't get PRO.

      IF it worked. IF my visitors could figure out how to use it. It would be a good solid piece of software. As it is? GARBAGE.
      Wow. That's disappointing!

      Also... can anyone tell me all the OTOs on this?


      -- TW
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        Originally Posted by TimothyW View Post

        Wow. That's disappointing!

        Also... can anyone tell me all the OTOs on this?


        -- TW

        There's a pro upgrade which gives you the functionality mentioned in the sales page for the basic product.

        I just tested the app like the above poster and sure enough, it didn't give me credit for the tweet sent out.

        I requested a refund.

        Yes, very disappointing.

        Take Care.
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