Any Cheap WP hosting transfering from Godaddy

by ns17
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Hey guys I have this website and is registered on godaddy and using the WP hosting.
Now the renewal charges of godaddy are very high so I was thinking of changing it to any other WP host. Any recommendations of cheap WP hosting.
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    I love godaddy, but also use hostgator as well
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    Cheap and good ones hostgator, hostmonster, bluehost, site5 etc
    Robust ones are servint, liquiedweb etc.

    There are many other hosting companies, please thoroughly research before selecting one.
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    Leaving Godaddy for just pricing is not a good idea. I am also using their managed WordPress hosting and never had any problem. You can get various discount coupons on renewals for Godaddy.
    WebInfopond- Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    They are one of the biggest providers. Of course you will be able to get and find something cheaper. But you need to test the service before sign up. As far as I understand you are on shared plan? What is your budget?
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      I use Hostgator as my hosting account for now but I am also thinking to switch to JVZOO Hosting .I do not know if you are familiar with JVZOO. They have a hosting plan which is good and cost efficient I did a review about it on my blog it's worth checking.
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    HostGator and Bluehost are two other reliable hosting companies that are trusted by hundreds of thousands.
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    Cheap WP hositng is available from and
    There are a lot of resources in their plans to meet the needs of many IT users.
    Support is active for 24 hours and prices are rock-bottom.
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    I don't know about cheap but I prefer to use one which provides a solid customer support and where I can relax about the up time of my website and concentrate my energies on growing my business.

    I use A2hosting and its the best I know. No negative review heard ever, no problems personally experienced. I dont even think of any other hosting. But this is my opinion, everyone has their.
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      Originally Posted by whatwewa View Post

      80% discount from ipage. Only $1.99 per month for unlimited space, domains and traffic. Plan includes free sitelock security and sitelock CDN. I am using it for 1 year. My page load is less than 3sec with this plan.
      1. Redirecting to an undisclosed affiliate link is not allowed here in the main forum.
      2. Here is a review of ipage: iPage Web Hosting Review: WordPress Disaster & My Complaints

      This was one of the companies I researched myself before switching hosting. I decided against it personally.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        I have been with iPage ( also own Hostgator) and they are sneaky at charging for security. I got a Malware Virus ( which I think they sent me) and locked down my entire web site, I spent $300-$400 which I though would fix the problem, but no..... They now charge me $50 a month for SiteLock prevention....which I never wanted ...but they thought I needed. I don't recommend iPage now and I'm on the lookout to change hosting companies.,

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    I'm using for most of my websites. They have great services and low prices.
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    you got to take a look at : for cheap wordpress hosting package using them from long time and they are truely good.

    DealDomains.Net | Design your Dreams
    List of Quality Top 5 Web hosting Providers | Just to help you when you need them :)

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    • Profile picture of the author Livettpd is a cheap hosting but only one domain per account. It's about $40.00 a year plus taxes.

      Honest Reviews without the usual disingenuous
      reviewer BS.

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