Curation software with developer rights?

by Melody
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Looking for a true curation type of software (not another spinner/junk content tool) that offers a developer version so we can add to our clients websites.

I have several different ones that we use for our own websites but none seem to offer a developer option -

Thanks -

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    What would a developer version entail?
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    Hello Melody,

    I have a ton of curation tools but I believe Hugh Hitchcock's ICC Express may do the trick for you. Unfortunately, I don't think he has any discounts going right now. I have been using Hugh's stuff for the past 3 years...he is a coder/programmer himself and he knows what he is doing. You can post to multiple blogs, facebook pages, and bookmark to twitter and the software has a cool profiling system.. I own this software and several others he has produced --> I purchased this back in Oct of 2013.

    Not affiliate links...

    ICC Express Developer Edition

    Contact him if you need more info and his YT channel will have several vids on ICC Express. He also has a few integrations you can add to the system as well. I believe the current version of ICC Express is v2.1.6.

    Note --> You don't want ICC Pro, that's his old system and the very first curator he built. He built ICC Express a couple of years ago and it's far more powerful, and it's the one that he is currently still developing and building integrations for.


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    Hi Don -

    I have all of Hugh's products, including the latest version, and like them - but looking for one that we can use for client's sites and sites to sell - as far as I know, his license only allows you to use them on your own sites. I have emailed him but have not heard back yet -


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    Hey Melody,

    While I have only used the software for my own sites I was under the impression that his developer license allows for use on client sites. I quickly looked back at the original ICC Pro thread and Hugh quoted a post that mentioned using the dev. edition of the tool on client sites and he seemed peachy with that.

    Here is a screenshot of the post:

    In-fact later in the thread John Pearce confirmed it:


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    @ Melody

    Hugh just hit me with confirmation that you can curate client sites and flip sites using ICC Express. I will PM you the email.


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