My PowToon Review - Avoid Them!

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In an attempt to find a suitable replacement for Animoto for product showcase animations/slides, I chose to purchase a package from PowToon.

While the software is probably good for many people, I did find it lacking and not suitable for my needs. As a result, I requested a refund, but was then told as part of their T&C that they don't offer refunds. Instead they tried to upgrade my account.

I've sent several back and forth emails and have had to create a Paypal dispute, which they escalated to a claim portraying it so that it seemed I created a video, downloaded it, and then cancelled my subscription. I did create a video, but I "embedded" it and found it completely lacking - not to mention their logo is still prevalent in the load up which I apparently paid to remove.

I've since read other reviews of this company charging people for a subscription renewal even after cancellation, and then refusing to refund.

Regardless of whether their service is adequate for your needs, I think the company is scandalous and seriously needs to be avoided.

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    Incase this thread remains open, they did finally offer a refund but it had to be fought for. Keep this in mind if you decide to use their service.
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      Hey AHayes183 - I just saw this post. I'm so sorry to hear that you had anything but an awesome experience using PowToon and that you didn't immediately get your requested refund. I'm glad that you got your refund in the end.

      As a sign of goodwill I'd like to extend a free business account to you for a year.

      We're making a tonne of improvements and maybe you could even suggest some that will make the product better for internet marketers and warriors.

      Mention your name AHayes183 and warriorforum and I will ask the support team to give you a complimentary business account.

      Once again - apologies about the less than awesome experience...


      Amazing new software coming soon!! Wanna make a killer sales video?? Sign up for the Beta right now.
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