Any thoughts on Repwarn?

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Has anyone any thoughts on Repwarn? It seems expensive to me for what it appears to do. What do you guys think?
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    This is odd...I thought my posting would alert the Repwarn folks to come here and address my concern.

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      Originally Posted by Alton Hargrave View Post

      This is odd...I thought my posting would alert the Repwarn folks to come here and address my concern.
      Interesting point. I could see providing this service as a freebie to go along with whatever other service you may offer... I can't imagine typical mom and pop shops paying $97 mo for any length of time. I wonder how many months the subscription would survive if there were never any alerts triggered, which I guess, would be a good thing, right?
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      Alerted - It did
      Sorry for the delay. the launch was overwhelming with comments and reviews.

      On the search results - the system finds exactly what is put into it.
      Primarily as a reputation warning system - on the lead generation it is going to vary, depending on what you type in.

      On the reputation system, your own brand names, product names, personell etc.
      it only takes ONE bad review online to wreck a business.

      It isn't aimed at a mom and pop level
      the corner store or deli
      think in terms of a business with 5 or more employees.

      Where, in reality one lead that converts will pay for the system in entirety.
      But also - one bad review turned around could save that business $10000 or more in lost revenue.

      Here to help if anyone needs it.
      Walt Bayliss
      Keep Up - And Keep In Touch With Walt Bayliss
      See You There!
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    I got the email for this just today and I also agree that it is a bit pricy!

    Have you considered talkwalker.
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        I was looking at this as a potential product to sell. It looks like there are dozens of competing products at all kinds of prices. Some are focused only on Tweeter or some other single media.

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        Software For Collectors, Business:Check it Out

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    How much is it?
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      $67/Month. I'm seriously considering it. My concern is no details on the backoffice.
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    I was on the fence to get the reseller license but before I bought the 7-day trial to test it. It finds a lot of entries all over the internet which is good, I didn't like the user interface. It could be better in terms of usability.

    You can use it for several purposes including reputation management (search for brand name), jobs (search for I need something), vertical markets (search for real estate agent in location), and so on.

    It is a nice tool and I can see the potential results. However, I find it too expensive for me and for any small business. I see this as a tool for mid-size companies with big names or someone with 6 figures business.

    The reseller opportunity is gone and I have a feeling of regret, but it was just not the right time for me.

    I've bought the OTO1 (trace software similar to leadgeyser from same author) but I'm asking for a refund, after playing with it for a few hours. Some bugs, slow to search, not so good user experience, and results are also incomplete comparing to searching facebook directly.
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      I actually got repwarn and am in as a reseller, just building up the funnel and expanding on the pre-sales information,etc.

      It's a nifty little tool, I must admit, what appears to be a simple one page interface (define alerts, view alerts) has a lot of substance, because it doesn't just mimmick google alerts which by the way in several tests only found a fraction of what repwarn dug up. Instead it actively searches social media and the rest of the web (and you select what) and then brings that content to you as an alert or on a mobile app.

      BUT, the big thing for online marketers - in my opinion - is the fact that finds very targeted leads on any niche you can imagine. And that is interesting for us internet marketers.

      Imagine being able to type in "need roofer in boston" and you get alerts (basically the moment somebody writes that in twitter) on your mobile. Then it lets you tweet back right out of the app and leave a link to your contact page.

      Or imagine getting leads in expensive high commission paying niches like yachts or private airplanes, etc. You really don't need to be a rocket scientist marketer to make this work for you. As such the price of 97/m is a running business cost that becomes irrelevant after you get started getting those leads.

      I have already gotten several good leads for my own business out of and will definitely keep it working for me.

      See signature for more info on the sales letter.
      If getting unlimited targeted leads (like: you don't know what to do with them all) sounds good, find out more about the leads angle of RepWarn.PW:

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    I tried this product through their 7 day trial link. Highly recommend you do the same! This thing finds a lot of details but mostly rubbish that is useless. Not sure how the people above are giving it glowing reviews?

    I tested keyword phrases, brand names, and "looking for" type of searches. We have an active FB group in our city where people are always looking for recommendations on a variety of services. I even did popular hash tag searches too.

    The program returned hundreds of new searches each day but most were junk posts. Stuff like Instagram pictures, blog posts, hash tags, etc. Most were pretty hit or miss. Lots of blog pictures and comments. Each comment or picture was listed as a separate item so you had to search through many postings just trying to find nuggets... I felt these searches would have been done better and faster just using google.

    I then did search phrases "looking for", "want to find", "recommend a" for a variety of services like a dentist, plumber, handyman, landscaper, maid service, etc. There are tons of these type of requests on our local FB group. I though this test would be a slam dunk since our local cuty FB is very active with these types of questions... but nada... it only returned 2-3 posts of this type but again a lot of junk to wade through to find the 1-2 nuggets.

    Then I tried some phrases based around the word vacation and cruises. Just think of all the blog posts, pictures, and fb posts around these keywords that people post when asking about vacations or the people who get back from vacations... should be a lot of content right?... but again mostly junk searches that you had to search for those golden nuggets.

    Then I tried some brand names to track. Again it does work but not impressed with the results...

    This product "could" be good someday if they can improve the results. The product works but the results are very inconsistent!!! I was spending more time searching the results of what the program found and got tired of searching through all the extra junk that came along with all the search phrases it was supposed to be monitoring. I felt it wasn't worth my time.

    I wanted to get the reseller option so I could sell to my clients but I felt they would not be impressed with all the junk results and in the end I didn't want to chance the possibility of hurting my reputation with my existing clients as they would be disappointed with the results of the program.

    Could be a great product for you but please do your Due Diligence before buying this product.
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