Some comment on Video Vibe Pro?

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I want to know if anyone has done
any review about Video Vibe Pro.
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    I have Video Vibe Pro and if you are looking to make slideshare video it is a great tool. But I was more interested in the upsells. Vibe Social and done for you packs.

    I found the done for you research good, need to spend some time using the networks Vibe Social befor e I can give a review.

    The training offered is little more than basic set uu instruction, no theory on how best to use the product. Will see how much information is shared in the FB Group.

    Have some great ideas as to how to use Video Vibe Pro in ways they did not intend.

    Stay tune for part 2!
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    Video Vibe Pro's syndication feature doesn't work and the product creators never respond to support requests. Video Vibe Social did nothing to improve the rankings of my videos. These products are garbage and John Gibb is a scammer as far as I'm concerned. For example, one of the bonuses to Video Vibe is a course called Niche Site Formula. I was following it step by step, had a question, asked John about it, and was told that product was old and the information was outdated. If I had questions, he told me, I would have to pay his very high fees for coaching. This outdated product was touted as a great bonus when I bought these "products." I'll never buy anything John Gibb or Josh Zamora again. Check out Gibb's latest scam, InstaNiche and it's "great revues." Here's a hint. If you want to make money online, sell something. If you want to get scammed, keep buying junk that promises the world and delivers nothing.
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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