Do you know an alternative for Evernote?

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As you guys may already know, keeping a swipe file is a good practice. This works not only for copywriting but for marketing ideas, product ideas, competition, etc.

So I'd like for you to suggest me a program to keep them.

Now I know about Evernote. I have a paid account however, I have a love / hate relationship with it. It is great (especially the ability to take partial screenshots using a shortcut) but I don't know - it rubs me in the wrong way. I have a few hundred notes there but I wish there was an ability to group them into folders, not just tags. I know tags are about the same thing but I end up with so many tags that it kind of beats the purpose.

I've tried OneNote too. Great app but the mobile app is not that responsive. Actually, it crashes a few times a day on IOS.

What I need is something like Notes for IOS but a bit more capable. A information manager with good organization capabilities that is also good looking. Something like Microsoft One Note that actually works.

So what programs like Evernote and One Note have you've used? What is your experience with them?

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  • Did you try Simplenote or Google Keep ? ;-)

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    Actually, I've actually made Evernote work for me.

    How? Simple. I've created a structure of tags. 400 notes later, I've found several uses for Evernote:
    - Journaling.
    - Swipe file.
    - Project management.
    - To do list.
    - Shopping lists.
    - Email drafts.
    - Basic CRM.
    - Keeping source files of my products.
    - Back-up for my websites.
    - Receipts.

    It all comes down to a few key principles:
    1. Using tags as directories.
    2. Finding a font that actually works for your notes (actually, they are damn ugly).
    3. Avoiding filling too many things under one tag (for example, for a sales page, I can have research / copy / split-tests as sub-tags). For journaling I can tag by month.
    4. Leaving notes names as they are and relying on the search function instead.
    5.Renaming something only when you use it again and again.

    If you use Evernote in an organic manner (building the structure in time), then it works rather well. If you have a receipt, add it then create the tag for it. If you find the receipt folder getting too complex, then create several sub-tags but only when you need to do so.
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    I have used Evernote in the past, but these days I have gone to the complete opposite end of the organizational spectrum in terms of complexity, and am using the ultra simple "Syncd" live timer.

    Evernote is the best if you need every bell and whistle under the sun, but for a more streamlined approach, Syncd might be a solid alternative for you.
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      I like your set up Rogoz thanks for sharing it here as I also have a love/hate relationship with Evernote!
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