by Rita
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I want to buy google 1st BUT looks like negative info is more than positive info..

Any update
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    Dear friend,

    I also heard some negative info about Google 1st.But I am sorry that I have no reliable information to give you. However,I recommend you to keep away yourself from it and try for any other reliable site like this.
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    I don't own this product because I was never sure the techniques in it were any different to what I already do.

    Most of the negative comments were about the fact that the price hadn't increased in the way that some people (but not I) thought it stated in the pre-sales blurb.

    I would have thought that the fact that the price has not increased would be a positive point for a potential purchaser.

    I haven't seen much in the way of negative comments on the techniques in the book. In fact, it's only about now that the system has been 'out there' long enough to get reliable comments from purchasers. Hopefully some will post to this thread.

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    plz keep aways your self from this.
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    I'm wondering on what basis monsur, getreffs are posting here and recommend to stay away from this product? Just based on what they heard!? Yes, stay away IF you're lazy and don't want to take action.

    I bought the product end of May. I already was applying most of the techniques in my marketing but nevertheless still learned a thing or two. All I can say is that it works when applied correctly!
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      I purchased and it's a useless product. I just lost money. I will stay away from this vendor in future
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