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Good evening, all (wavies)

At 6 PM my time I attended Google Sniper developer George Brown's webinar ref the beta release of his Predator software, 2 years in the making. Keep that statement in mind.

While young Mr. Brown is an admirable, and adorable, geek, he has a lot to learn about being in front of a camera. One would think that a successful marketer, making tons of money, would have a professional team assemble his presentation, but no, it was all home grown with no cue cards to keep him on course.

I'm not going to say any more about the blah, blah and get down to the system itself.

Predator automates an enormous amount of work. George put his screen on our screens and gave a live demo of just the basics of what his software (2 years in the making, $110,000 spent, 3 developer teams during that time, burned into my brain by repetition) is capable of doing, and it is impressive.

I'm no pro at this game, so I'm not really certain, but even a just-plugged-in-the-puter newbie can immediately see the potential, and had I the money, I would have bought it because of it's instant action capability and its flexibility.

George's Clickbank CPA returns - he took us to his CB payout page - are definitely mouthwatering ... except ... uh ... they were dated between March and September (?) of 2012, more than 3 years ago. That confused the hell out of me. Two years in the making and his shown results are from 2012.

If I am mistaken, someone please correct me. It's quite possible I misunderstood, especially as my eyes are not always 20-20 when my blood sugar is a bit off, as it was this evening.

Regardless, I'd have given something precious and personal to be a member of his beta team, 50 in all, because the software actually does perform as advertised, cutting hours and hours and hours worth of work down to a few minutes. George put together a campaign in 4 minutes. Unfortunately, at $797.00 the beta opt-in was way more than I can afford.


George does not know how to script or manage a presentation, but then he's a cute geek.

His Predator software is several miles beyond amazing. One quick drive-by will have you plotting and planning campaigns like mad, and you can apply them with instant gratification.

Okay, time for all the uppers and downers to weigh in!

- Annie
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    Wrong place for this...

    Does anybody bother to read the WF TOS before they start posting anymore?
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      Ahhh. Now the thread is in the right location. THANK YOU KNOCKOUT ARTIST (admin)!

      - Annie

      Back to the review for a moment.

      There was one other thing that had me on edge, and that is George kept verifying with his partner that there 1,000 or more attendees, but the counter on the webinar page stopped at 683.

      The demo may be compelling, but the discrepancies leave me wondering.
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    Wow, George is still making the rounds, and a small fortune to boot no doubt. If anyone is wondering how to spot George, well he has the absolute thickest English accent I have ever heard which definitely makes him unique in the IM world.

    I ordered his Google Sniper back in the day as the pitch was just way too alluring to pass up. By the time I got my hands on it, most of the traffic tactics he shared were already outdated so the few moves I tried netted me very little if any profit (he was about to release GS2 at the time)

    Like everything out there, do your own due dilligence and research before buying. Thanks for the review links above Chuckles. The first link you share as a bunch of detailed reviews...some are a few years old but there is a few more recent ones in there.
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      @ Chuckles Reviews From George Montagu Brown. Is It Worth The Hype? | scroll down for webinar and product review

      THANK YOU for posting that review link. It is spot on. I sat there with my mouth hanging open that he was saying that there were no openings left. REALLY? After showing sales results from 2012? While sitting in a really unattractive room with rank amateur productions?

      I'm sorry. The experience upset me - in case you can't tell - and sure as shooting, there were two (count 'em, 2) follow up emails of the public-demand-has-forced-me-to-offer-just-a-few-more-seats category. So typical.

      As 247 Achiever said,
      Like everything out there, do your own due dilligence and research before buying.
      - Annie
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        Really, he's still selling this even after the first time he released it, it got slammed by vast majority of people?
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