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Any review on this products using Shopify:
eCom Empire

Looks like some hype with only 60 min of work/day time commitment you can run this on Auto pilot!!!!
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    I to came looking for reviews. I guess I may be the 1st to buy and review. I'm not worried about it, if it blows, I'll just get a refund. However, I may do this as a case study and make a video of the process.

    The one thing I noticed about the sales page reviews is that some of the claims made of income are from known marketers from the forum and elsewhere. So, I'm just curious how they took time outta their busy schedule to lock down nearly $50K in a month...? Hmmmmmmmm...(Phil Steptoe, Stephan Ciancio)

    I think I will get this and do a case study.

    Robert C.


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      Do post here when you review this product. thanks.
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    I saw that too, recognized Phil Steptoe's name. They said he was a newbie, someone who never ever made money online. I backed off from buying because I don't like dishonesty, even with a money back guarantee.
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    I thought I recognized Phil Steptoe's name also to.

    Calling him a newbie is an out and out lie.

    Looks like they are just showing phony reviews, I am out
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    Why are they selling it for 47 USD, when they are "making thousands per day" and bringing in massive competition?
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    well, i tell ya what. I got this product as Iam getting heavily involved now in ecom. And i tell ya, I also got the$ 300 ecom academy, and let me tell you, they all say the same thing. Ecom academy (Premier and the 1st one) is just a extremely detailed version of eCom Empire. Seriously, after I got ecom empire ($47) I already knew the jist of the ecom academy for $300

    Basically, it's:: Choose a product,,, Research that product on "Watch Count" to see if the item is selling. If it has sales, check on facebook to see if there is an interest there in audience insites. If so, set up a Shopify store with that product and others that fit that niche. Next, place ads on facebook targeting the people interested. Send them to your site. If they buy a product, upsell them similar niche items, get their info, email market to them, and retarget them.

    You're welcome. Please send me $17 for the info. Seriously,, that's really all there is to it for the most part.
    If you want to watch those guys set everything up, and sign up for shopify and all that feel free. It's hours and hours of content that I just broke down into a paragraph. I'm not even joking.

    But this is how most products are. A giant fluff ball.

    Robert Cottom
    don't forget the $17 bucks


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      Yes, correct Robert X. I paid $297 for Premiere Academy and got a refund the next day. The sales letters for this (and eCom Empire) are awesome, but the product does not correspond to the hype.

      Setting up a profitable store is by no means easy or even remotely a certainty. LOTS of trial and error that will result in - I'm afraid - error, and lots of frustration at the end of the day for most.

      Don't be taken in by the sales letters. It's a hugely competitive niche, there are lots of moving parts involved, and you'll need several hundred dollars just to TEST.

      Avoid unless you're up for a good risky challenge.
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