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by vicone
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OK, I've managed to have a close look at this work and the software which accompanies it.

As readers know, backlinking is important in getting web pages to rank highly on the display pages of the search engines. A high ranking display can mean a stack of free traffic to your website.

For those who don't have MicroNicheFinder, or similar, and use the Google Keyword Tool, the included program "Keyword Flood" will save you a huge amount of time as it downloads the information you would normally extract manually. Of course it does that in a fraction of the time.

The book itself has a lot of meat in that it does offer a workable strategy that is easy to assemble and promote. Strictly speaking it is not just one strategy but a number that can be used together. These fit in neatly with the links received from the backlink service providers (eg, Angela, Paul, Steve and Francis).

I liked the way he explained the LinkWheel concept with an easy to follow series of graphics. This is an updated version of the WagonWheel or CartWheel linking structure that many would have originally seen used in Michael Campbell's classic work "Revenge Of The Mininet". A number of us have been using these concepts with IPK sites. In "Backlink Flood" he shows how to get a lot more mileage out of this technique.

Also highly useful is the method he shows for combining a number of RSS feeds into one to provide a single RSS feed (with our links) that can be promoted.

The Multi-Layered structure is useful in providing an overall perspective which shows how it all hangs together and which way the links are meant to flow.

The list of top directories (with PR ranking) - for articles, RSS, Web2 and website submissions is useful for reference and easy access, especially if you don't have software available which connects you automatically. There is a way you can save money by setting the lists up on a website.

There is a lot of value in the content. I couldn't get the two videos to work on my computer but they aren't really necessary as it's clear from the PDF what needs to be done. You can get more details below.

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    So is it a program that builds links for you?

    How does it get you links?
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    I've bought Andys product and have to say that it has some excellent information in it. If you're expecting something that requires no work, then you're in the wrong business.

    If you're serious about your seo, then you must have this.

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    While I want to thank the guys talking up my stuff I think it's inappropriate to post specifics in this forum, so if you have any questions about BLF please PM me so I can address them.


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      I havn't seen the actual product and I don't know Andy Fletcher. However, I have talked to a couple people who are usually pretty brutal when it comes to reviews and they recommended it to me. So, if these guys are recommending it to me as non-affiliates, I would say it must be pretty good.
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        I wanted to drop a few lines about backlink flood. My partner and I are fairly new to internet marketing, but we have a few websites up and running. The main issue that we were running into was we didn't know how to market these products to the search engines.

        Along came Backlink Flood and it put everything into perspective. We have applied the principles taught in the e-book and they are solid as rock. Long story short I am now on the first page of Google for a keyphrase that I have absolutely no business ranking for. All the tools out there said to not even waste my time with this keyword, but we made a huge jump after reading backlink flood.

        You can find a more detailed review on my site

        40weekstofreedom (dot) com
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    A friend new to IM asked me to take a look at it so I bought it. Cliffs Notes: I honestly don't think it's worth its price, but if you are a newbie it does have value.

    I don't see very much original thought or information that isn't available elsewhere most of it for free and discussed at length here and on other MMO sites. Better, more robust alternatives to the included software exist IMO. If you have keyword research tools or article spinning software you like, you probably won't be switching over to the included software. The tools would be useful if you've never used or don't own similar programs.

    I think there's too much fluff as well, specifically things like defining terms like anchor text and walkthroughs of signing up for things like a Blogger blog. If you need that level of handholding, visual depictions of linking, have no clue what a link is or have no backlinking strategy then certainly you may find that helpful and not consider any of the material unnecessary.

    The package doesn't make any false promises and I believe the author really is trying to help people, but I don't think Backlink Flood is for everyone. The majority of you may disagree with me. I will not be altering my strategies or using any new tools as a result of purchasing the package, but that's just me.
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      Is it worth $67?
      If you already have a lot of experience with backlinking, then you probably won't find a lot you don't already know.

      However, it does provide useful information in one place that is very valuable for those who don't already have a lot of backlinking experience.

      The accompanying software tools will be useful for those who are doing a lot of the basic work manually. If you already have sophisticated tools to do your research then the extra software won't be important to you. However, they are in the nature of a bonus. The real meat is in the book itself.

      If you are a beginner or intermediate marketer and would rather spend time searching for threads on forums or blogs that contain the information, you'll probably find them. However, the book is meant to save your time and assembles the material in one place and provides graphics to explain clearly what has shown to be fruitful.

      If you need this information, it is good value.

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