What We Really Need From Clickbank (IMHO)

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1. Remember This (ALWAYS)

Stripe and Braintree charge 3% + $0.3 per transaction. That's a big difference from your 11%. Yes, CB charges 10 to 11% if you do the math.

Plus, there are other options to track affiliate traffic.

2. Our Clients Are Not Your Clients

We worked to get that traffic. It's not yours. They are not your clients. We are NOT okay with you "proposing" other products to them. We are NOT okay with you being a "retailer" and acting like you own everything.

3. Lay Low, Be A Boring Business, and Shut Up

Be a commodity. Be useful. And Shut Up. Stop trying to get in our sales pages. We don't want your crappy Javascript tracking our businesses' data. It's not your data, it's ours.

4. Lower Your Fees

Remember, this is 2015. We live in a post-Stripe world. We live in the era of Bitcoin. Financial transactions, affiliate tracking, and other technical matters are closer and closer to being FREE. (not 10% of our business)
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    Couldn't agree more some businesses need to wake up and smell the coffee unless they want to go bankrupt in the next 12 months.
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      What they need to do is focus on adding value for (and trying not to get too much in the way of) vendors and affiliates, allowing vendors and affiliates to sell more. The more sales that vendors and affiliates make, the more money cb makes as a natural consequence.

      For the last few years i feel that cb somewhat lost sight of this.

      First there was the attempt to extra money from vendors and affiliates, by selling them training and stuff. Why wouldn't cb want all their vendors and affiliates to be maximizing sales rather than extracting a few training $ from those few who pay for training? Or to put it another way, for the training to be worthwhile it must offer something that isn't available otherwise - which either means the training isn't worthwhile, or if it is worthwhile, they are deliberately keeping stuff back from most vendors/affiliates.

      More recently, there is the attempt to set up a retail portal. This seems, at best, a distraction. It's unlikely that cb's portal could ever sell more than a tiny fraction of what vendors sell from their sites (how could it? there is no comparison between a few lines of text on cb's site, and vendors' sites which tYpically contain many pages of content, videos, mailing lists, and in bound links from many related subject-specific sites.
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