Which KEYWORD TOOL to believe?

by Nahar
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Obviously - you don't want to start investing your time and money into a business until you have a good reason it's going to be profitable. This is one of the main reasons why I find IM so awesome - you can sit in front of your monitor and in a few minutes find out how big and strong your market and competition are, what your potential customers are looking for, etc.

But, it isn't as simple as this might sound, because there are a few tools you can use to do Keyword Research (which is fine, except...) and each one of them gives you different results.

Now, many of you might not be bothered by this, but for me and a few of my friends (like Detective Monk or Raymond the Rain Man) who freak out when a fork is placed on the right side of the plate instead of on the left - this is a cause of a serious concern.

For example: Here are just a few tools I used to find out how many searches a day are conducted for the phrase fantasy fiction and the results:

(1) Market Samurai (set for Google only): 9,896 daily searches

(2) Wordtracker: 282 daily searches

(3) SEO Book ("This tool is powered by Wordtracker":confused: 8 daily searches

(4) Google AdWords Keyword Tool: 6,700 daily searches (or 201,000 monthly searches / 30)

*What am I missing?

*Why are the results so different?

*Whom should I believe?!!!

*And where the heck is my paper bag?!


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    I made a detailed post on this a while ago but don't know where it is so I
    will make this one abbreviated.

    None of them are accurate.

    The key is picking ONE to use, get used to the results you get, the results
    you get from your marketing and them apply those results to any future

    For example.

    You find that for all keywords that show 30 searches a day for Wordtracker
    that you rank # 1 for, you end up getting 70 clicks to your site daily.
    Naturally, they're understating. So if you find a keyword that gets 200
    searches a day, you can be reasonably sure that your results (again
    assuming you rank # 1) will be much better.

    Use the tool...get used to the numbers it gives you...and then project
    your results based on past performance.

    It takes a while to get a feel but I find it's the best way.

    ** Disclaimer ** This is just my opinion as it is what I do and it works for

    For what it's worth, I use Google's Adwords keyword tool. I realize the
    numbers are not accurate but I can project what kind of traffic I will get
    based on past performance.
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      Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

      The key is picking ONE to use, get used to the results you get, the results you get from your marketing and them apply those results to any future use.
      Great tips! Greatly appreciated!

      Side note: It seems like it shouldn't take that much effort for Google to be able to provide exact data. But at least with your suggestion We can know how to go around the problem.
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    Keyword tools is relatively accurate...

    Even with Google, you can't get an accurate figure, because the figure is for adword advertiser, the actual count may be far more lower.

    I am comfortable with Google search counts, and always deduct 30% volume from it to estimate my search volume, but that is not always accurate!

    At least you have an idea your keyword volume is falling under 100 or 1000, just a rough idea.

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  • Profile picture of the author Avidpoet
    Keyword tools aren't accurate they are there to give you a start. Get your site up and use analytics to really see which keywords the SERPS are displaying. Google has recently said that each Search Query is 50% unique so no keyword tool out their is accurate.
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    None of these accurate I think. many people say that..
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    My preliminary review of KE2 is that it is outstanding. Only had a couple of days with it but so far... very impressive.

    Jesse P. Jameson
    CEO - Black Box Digital Products

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