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reviewpluginforwordpress dot com vs wpreviewengine dot com

Has anyone tried either of these?

Which one is higher recommended and why, or is there a better solution available?

Also Are there any review plugins that will allow me to charge for submissions?

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    reviewpluginforwordpress seems to have site issues - no screenshots working and doesn't really have much detail for a product costing more than $100. Plus it was purchased but then the new owner has not been able to keep up with the support, etc. - check the support forum.

    wpreviewengine - looks like the better of the two products. A little bit more to get the unlimited sites version but probably worth it.

    Keep in mind that there is a free option if you want to have some control over the implementation into your theme and like that sort of thing. Check out GD Star Rating.

    Other review plugins to consider: reviewspress and wpreviewsite


    Tony Stai
    Directory Submission Software

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    Thanks Tony

    Would you recommend reviespress or wpreviewsite over wpreviewengine?
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    I purchased this product and it does everything that it says it does on the sales page and I feel that it is worth the price. They also supply you with recommended free plugins from Wordpress to harmonize with the product so you don't have to go searching. Make sure to check out the sample site on the sales page to see if you like the look of the finished product.

    Review Blog System
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    This one is fairly basic, but the instructions make it very easy to set up, and it's only $10:

    Conduit theme
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    The best wordpress review plugin will definitely be the WPReviewEngine 3.0 with tons of features mentioned below & it is no doubt the best investment that I have made in terms of buying plugins.
    1. Support For Thumbnail Images & Affiliate Link URLs
    2. Add Custom Data To posts
    3. Comparison Tables In Any Theme
    4. Integration With Google Maps
    5. WPReviewEngine 3.0 now includes a YellowPages importer!
    6. Comparison Tables In Any Theme

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    I forgot about the one that I'm using - wordpressreviewtheme (wso available - search for it - not the owner but bought it cheap). I'm integrating the GD Star Rating system into the theme.

    I like this option because it doesn't feel as much like a "review theme", plus I'm more of a do it yourselfer so I get exactly what I want by adding the GD system where and when I want. The GD system has a complete API to it and is very flexible and actively being updated with enhancements and fixes.

    Tony Stai
    Directory Submission Software

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    anyone used affiliatetheme(dot)net? looks pretty sweet, but pricey...

    I'd love to hear of any cheaper alternatives that could do wat it claims to do.
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    As someone has suggested, you may want to check out Dan's site. He's an active warrior here: I think he has a WSO running.
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    Has anyone tried ?

    I really like their style, but i have found nothing about them, yet.
    If anyone has some info, wi'll be great, i really don't know which one fitts better.
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    Why don't you try out Chris Rempel's 'VIP Essentials' conduit style template? It looks nice and professional, though a little basic.
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      Originally Posted by webatomic View Post

      Anyone familiar with this one?

      WordPress Review Plugin for Affiliates - MyReviewPlugin
      When building my wordpress review site I went through all of the review plugins. MyReviewPlugin I like the best.

      I think it is the most comprehensive. Support is great.

      The additional plugins are cool as well: comment man (auto comments) and csv importer.

      If you want to know more about it or the other plugins mentioned then here you find my reviews about all the major wordpress review plugins
      Outsourcing is becoming a way of life

      Outsourcing provide you leisure time, more profits and reduced costs.
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    I also recommend WPReviewEngine because of the many features as mentioned that I came across with them when trying it.
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      I've been very disappointed with the support i've gotten from wpreviewengine
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