EXPOSED: The #1 Affiliate Product That Will Make You The Most Commissions

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Hey Guys,

Did an analysis on the latest income reports affiliate products that 10 top bloggers/podcasters promote and made these pretty pics.

By income type, Services, Software and Information Products reign supreme over Physical Products, but let's break this down into greater detail:

After categorizing all of the data from each respective income report it becomes clear that the largest section of affiliate income originates from Hosting Services, closely followed by Information Products and Other IM Related Software.

But what if hosting is not relevant to my audience?

Ok, so hosting seems promising, but which hosting services is best?

Now either Bluehost has the BEST hosting service or they have an awesome affiliate program, either way that 91.3% majority doesn't lie.

Bluehost offers a $65 commission for each monthly hosting referral, with unlimited earnings. Thus, if any of your readership may be new to the internet, you need to be offering hosting services.

There we are!

Would love to hear if you experience resonate with these findings

BTW here is the list of bloggers/podcasters analysed:
  • Smart Passive Income
  • Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Matthew Woodward
  • Human Proof Designs
  • Shout Me Loud
  • BloggersPassion
  • Dumb Passive Income
  • Leaving Work Behind
  • Income Mesh
  • Income Bully
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