WP Fan Machine is basically a spam bot

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Back in October of 2015 I received an email from Warrior promoting the WP Fan Machine which is an automated system that helps increase your FB followers.

It looked interesting and I purchased the plugin and have been running it for two months now on four of my FB pages, and here are the results for number of LIKES for OCT 13 / OCT 21 / DEC 17

AirlineHobbyDVDs = 629 / 630 / 701
PeerRenters = 359 / 376 / 371
PrimoVegas = 1883 / 1896 / 1961
CashSender = 2991 / 2990 / 2964

I was running the WP Fan Machine plugin out of the box which means the plugin was automatically leaving comments from its own comments database to help increase my FB LIKES for the above FB pages.

I deactivated the WP Fan Machine today and uninstalled from my WP site as the results were less than impressive, AND ... when I was getting a lot of people interacting with the automated comments telling me to "stop spamming".

This WP Fan Machine was a complete waste of money. It is spam bot and I wish there was a report like this here in the Warrior Forum, giving an honest review of the product BEFORE I made the purchase.

Anyhow .. that it is my two cents.
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