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I signed up for his trial for the listbuilding club on 1st August and then went on holiday. I saw the offer and like a good little lemming I signed up. (Whether I actually have the time for it is something I will have to decide on. Hence I am asking for your opinions.)

I have just returned from holiday and planned to look into this so I can decide whether it is for me or not.

(From memory when I signed up, I am expecting to receive a DVD apparently sold in the past for $1,997 and a trial 30 days for his $97 per month club).

It is now 17th August and I expected to see the DVD here when I got back from my holidays. I've received nothing yet.

I have opened a support request and sent an email a few days ago but had no reply.

What I have received in the past 14 days are 69 emails (yes sixty nine emails)!!! These have all sorts of links to videos and lots of other stuff.

Is this instead of the DVD or as well as the DVD?

69 emails is a bit much really in such a short period of time. I feel like I have been splattered with emails but none of them actually communicate to me. I am being spoken at rather than spoken to.

I want anyone's opinions on whether they think this Listbuilding club is worthwhile.

Sometimes too much information can be squirted in your face, when all you want is a little swig from the fountain of knowledge.

Should I start going through the emails properly?

Opinions please about Tellman and this course.

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    I signed up and have not received the dvd either but I did cancel themonthly membership

    La dominatrix
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      I have received my DVD. I signed up on July 31, according to my credit card statement and received the DVD about a week ago, on the 10th or 11th.

      I haven't really looked into the club and need to get off my butt and do that so I can decide if I want to keep or cancel.

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    The other day, I was interested in learning more about list building. I happened to get an email that day from Stomper Net inviting me on the free Tellman call. I opted in and got on the call.

    What a waste of time that was! The first 10 minutes they did nothing but brag about how many people were on the call. Then they went on and on and on about how much money they made. Then, at the end of the call was the "meat" which was get an autoresponder (no kidding) and sign up for the course. Gee, thanks for nothing pal.

    Then, I got email after email and one of those stupid robo calls telling me that time was running out to get in before the "pull it off the market".


    The next day, I unsubscribed.

    I'm an online marketer and mortgage loan officer.

    Connect with me at

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      I've heard a lot of negative feedback about this program. From what I gather, it's definitely not worth the investment.
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          I checked it out and saw NOTHING worth paying $97 per month for.

          Is it just me or do some of these g u r u 's think we are idiots.

          I can't believe why someone would pay good money for that. Maybe I'm missing something. And the highest level is $497 per month!!!

          Perhaps some people have more money than sense.

          It seems a common business model these days is to offer someone a free DVD that "sold like hot cakes" in the past for $1,997.

          Then try to get them to sign up for $97 a month at least on the basis that if you are able to get such great value for $0, just think what $97 gets you.

          More and more in the last few months, I have come to the following cynical conclusion:

          "If you can get a whole load of crap for $0, just think how much crap you can get for $97 a month"!

          (Please someone show me a membership program that offers fantastic value for money and I may become less cynical).

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    Tellman's material is seriously cheesy - it's all like cscarpero described above.

    And he sends WAY too many emails!
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    My 2 cents....somehow I got onto this guys list some months ago. I have unsubscribed at least 5 times and STILL keep getting 2 - 3 emails per day. I have started reporting them as abuse since this is ridiculous. It's like a tar baby...
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    I tried this and it was a waste of time for me.

    It also took me about 5 emails/support requests to get them to cancel my membership.

    Sometimes as well you either gel with someone as a teacher or not. In my case, I certainly couldn't take him seriously for some reason!
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    Well, I am up to 3 support tickets and two emails trying to cancel in the last week.

    I have not had a reply at all.

    I shall have to file a complaint if they don't cancel me in the next 48 hrs.

    There is a video bragging about the support service and I have to assume it is a lie or they are overwhelmed with support issues/complaints.

    Very sad.

    Part of buying a product is the support you get and/or the ability to cancel or speak to someone etc.

    This delivers none of these things.

    Yet another black mark in this field.

    Listen up guys, Big Brother, FTC, the FEDs or whoever will eventually come down like a ton of bricks on internet marketing and scammers if issues such as these aren't even done correctly by so called "ethical" people in this industry.

    Very sad.

    Highly NOT recommended.
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        I chose to cancel my subscription.
        I clicked on the the Manage Account link, followed the instructions to go to the help desk and cancel, and received confirmation that my account was cancelled yesterday, only two days after my initial request and well before I was going to be charged at the end of the month.

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          They're pretty much fly by night...

          Tellman is brilliant in his own sorta way.
          Persistent and connected to some of the big "cheezies".
          And a few of the greats.

          They have many videos, audios but the whole thing is just so random.
          Poorly produced
          Just look at him, look at the emails, look at his dream team..

          Did I mention the email.
          What - about the word "unsubscribe" don't you understand???

          Better places to look friends

          Super-Conscious Affiliate

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            Wow! I get tons of his marketing emails.... Guess I better unsubscribe from him. Thanks guys!
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              Hey guys/gals,

              So I'm kinda on the fence here. I interviewed Tellman for a site I have up,, and on the one end that interview was pretty content-packed. Seriously, there was some really good stuff said.

              As a marketer, he definitely knows his stuff.

              Here's my main beef though: he emails you everyday (at least once without fail- sometimes more), and it's always pitching. Sure, it may be disguised as valuable content, but essentially it's pitching.

              That doesn't build a relationship, and it appears as though all of his lists are that way.

              I'm on 3 I think, and I definitely stay on them. Regardless of his tactics, which annoy more than anything, his emails (subject lines and copy) do provide great tools for swipe files, since every day you get a few more. They're mostly all pitches, so every day you know you can count on a few more examples for the swipe folder.

              Just me I guess...

              As for the List Building Club, which I've experienced first hand on the Gold Level, here's my impression:

              Tons of content, poor organization.

              It has the potential to be so good, if it were cleaned up. There's the "step by step" part of it with the video walk-throughs, and yeah I used it to 'get going' with an autoresponder and all, but most of it is horribly basic. If you don't know ANYTHING about IM, then you can definitely benefit, but otherwise you probably won't plug into the course until 75% of the way through.

              As for the other content in the course... no order at all, it appears. It's like they took a lot of content and just threw it up on there. So revisiting a previous statement, if it were cleaned up it would be SO much better.

              As is though: not advised.

              On a more humorous note, once you're a member of LBC, you get yet another email everyday on the next "lesson" in the course. If you jump ahead and do more than 1 lesson one day, you now have 100+ days of redundant emails to look forward to.

              What's that up to now? 4? Not sure, I lost count

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    Thanks to all that contributed. I was considering joining on the strength of Tellman's name alone and may have wasted valuable time and money. BTW upon clicking of the site a 29.95 offer comes up. I am gathering resources and knowledge for a start into a online business and have made a habit of always checking with warrior forum before buying anything. It's my opinion that the most essential tool for getting into this business is warrior forum.
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    I'm afraid I have to agree with everyone, way to may emails. I signed up at the beginning of last year and received the DVD. Then I got into the listbuilding club. At the time it was great for me because it showed actual step by step videos on building a website and blog. Then I learned that anyone can easily pick up all the information you need to learn on most any system online for $27-$47 a month with a good quality video PLR membership.

    Not only were the emails everyday, but the phone calls to my home were extremely annoying. I unsubscribed and would recommend that newbies get a video PLR membership and learn step by step on anything you can think of from that membership. Don't throw away good money.

    Plus all those PLR videos and articles can be used to build your own business after you learn from them.
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      Yup, completely agree with everyone here. I was on his list a long time ago, then had to cancel because it was non stop with the email promotions, and sometimes i'd get several a day for several days in a row! I was a newbie then and even i knew that that seemed a little ridiculous. And getting off the list was worse. Took weeks. So i personally don't even look at stuff he puts out. Don't even care if other people say it's something i should get.
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    It did not work for me, however, when I contacted them to cancel it was done quickly but I had paid a few months of subscription for something that did not fit what I was looking for.
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    Thanks for the advice on this guy's system folks.

    I just saw a short video of Tellman and thought he looked very believable, so was tempted to give him a try. Not after all these spam-complaints!

    Oven Key
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    I was about to sign up for this, lucky I came across this first. not gonna bother now.
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