Niches In A Box Stories?

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Anybody have any stories about NichesInABox website templates program to share?
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    I'll be polite, save your money.
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    I subscribed for awhile. It's basically a high quality PLR niche site and silo every month. It includes tons of stuff...everything you'd need to promote your niche site, front end and back end. With a lot of emphasis on monetization through Adsense.

    My problems with it were:
    1) You don't get to pick the niche (do I really want to set up another niche site on golf?)
    2) It's a fairly complex system that requires quite a bit of time to do things right. You could just upload the stuff they give you, which I tried a few times, but that just leaves you with a duplicate PLR site. You really need to edit and enhance it (like any PLR content) to get the most from it.

    I finally came to the conclusion that while this might have been a great idea and business model 2 years ago when AdSense was all the rage, today there is plenty of great niche content already out there, and I'd do better just promoting affiliate products. But if this type of niche marketing is what you want to do, JP's stuff is top quality and the support is great.
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      I use Niche in a box...

      For someone who doesn't have the ability to create a niche from scratch it is very good...There is indeed a ton of stuff included in the membership...

      You do need to put a little bit of effort in maybe editing the PLR content a bit that's true

      However, the biggest challenge is still traffic...

      With time and experience you may find that you can get niche built by other people or yourself ,cheaper and maybe more targeted to something more to your liking.

      I would recommend that you join and check it out, you get several niches as a bonus and you can always cancel after a couple of months if you have more than you can manage...

      Having said that , I will probably put my membership on hold next month as I have way too many websites already, it's not a reflection of the quality of the product but the fact that I need to get my traffic generation up to speed as well as content production.

      Personally I like the guy behind it, JP Shoefel,he is very straightforward in his pitches and , I certainly believe that I got value from the membership

      I am also using his other flagship product Creative Niche Manager...My webmaster loves it as it makes his life easier and my outsourcing costs lower.
      JP had a promotion not long ago, so , whilst still pricey (147$ a month), fully in use managing 10's of websites and blogs...the ROI in time saving makes it , IMHO, worth it.

      Again , the proof is in the pudding, your mileage may vary...

      As a complete newbie unable to put up anything descent, his products + outsourcing is helping me build a solid presence online.

      Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions , I will do my very best to help you.
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        hi there,
        i'm thinking of joining the membership because i'm a newbie myself, just wondering how u r doing wiith it and if it's making you a great income. I would like not to get a job again and focus on this if at least in 6 months I can make at least $15000 just working on it at least 3 hours a day as I have little ones at home. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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