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It seems like there's a new page builder coming out every day now.

Does anyone know of any that allow you to build a page, then export it to HTML so that it doesn't need the builder software or wordpress?

I know Instabuilder says it does this, though I've not used it. Any comment on Instabuilder's ability would be welcome. (I think it's rather expensive for its functions)

There are WYSIWYG html editors, but most have design elements that look outdated.
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    I think leadpages does that. Not used it myself though so I'm not 100% sure.
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  • why not try photoshop?

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    Have you looked at something like this? Not WP but seems related to your needs.


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    Profit Builder exports to HTML, clean code too.
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    why not try photoshop?
    It's 2016.

    Have you looked at something like this?
    Jesus, those look closer in line to what I've been searching for, thanks. And they're cheap enough to test.

    Profit Builder exports to HTML, clean code too
    Ha! I didn't know that, I never noticed that feature. I worked on it last night just to play around. I prefer the way PB is set up and organized as a page builder, but it appears that the html code it spits out still relies on the original wordpress page.

    Thanks for all the replies, guys.
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    Profit Canvas by Brett Rutecky.

    I think it can be exported to pure html site, also can be embedded on WP site. It's a good product.
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    I think you need the services of Dream Viewer.
    It will be according to your need.
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