has anyone tried "spin ready plr"?

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I've just stumbled over an email from my traffic kahuna membership which promotes "Spin ready PLR". Knowing Jason Potash's previous products I'm very tempted to try it out. However, it's another membership site at $77/month. I already have TK and PPC Kahuna and I don't want anymore memberships except they are really worth the money...
any experience on "spin ready plr"????
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    Im waiting for the instructional videos to come out. He mentioned in an email that he is working on it. I was mainly attracted to Content Composer seeing as I was going to get it years ago but it was so expensive. They use Themezoom for keyword research and a subscription to get into Themezoom carries a hefty price tag (Im still mad that I didnt join Themezoom before it blosomed into the tool it is today) and the articles are excellent.
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      Oh boy, I have SpinReadyPLR now and it's a dream.

      I can literally prep spins for multiple link-networks in under 10 mins and am working
      on getting a program ready to automate that.

      The quality control is EXCELLENT, too.

      I haven't tested the new sitebuilder, yet, but I already owned pretty much all of Jason's other products - always top quality stuff.
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    do they supply the PLR in {|} format, or do you have to do it yourself?

    because if you have to do it yourself, there's already an automated solution out there that can put anything, including PLR into jet spinner syntax (as long as its English).
    http://www.contentboss.com - automated article rewriting software gives you unique content at a few CENTS per article!. New - Put text into jetspinner format automatically! http://www.autojetspinner.com

    PS my PM system is broken. Sorry I can't help anymore.
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      Originally Posted by Jon Alexander View Post

      do they supply the PLR in {|} format, or do you have to do it yourself?
      No its not in spin ready {|} format. Which is what I was expecting since that's what I call spin ready.

      Instead, the articles comes in a proprietary format that needs to use the software bundled to the membership. In it, you have to batch transform the articles to be spun and output each article in plain text, html or that proprietary format into a folder with the spun articles.

      I don't exactly understand how the spinning works since it switches out entire paragraphs instead of sentences or phrases. In my head if I'm switching 3 paragraphs with 3 paragraph variations there can only be 9 "spun" versions not 200... maybe there's something I'm not getting on how the spinning works here.

      I had a little freak session when the software installed was listed as malware on my antivirus. When I got in touch with support they said it wasn't really malware but that the software needs to be whitelisted with many different anti-virus programs and they haven't all gotten the its safe to use approval just yet.

      However, I did spin a first article, spit out 20 plain text spun articles. They read well, but I haven't checked to see how unique they are from each other yet.
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      Originally Posted by Jon Alexander View Post

      do they supply the PLR in {|} format, or do you have to do it yourself?

      because if you have to do it yourself, there's already an automated solution out there that can put anything, including PLR into jet spinner syntax (as long as its English).
      Aha. Now TrafficKahuna interfaces with AutoJetSpinner. I'm still a bit confused as it takes me to ContentBoss, but I'm assuming that AutoJetSpinner is somehow related to ContentBoss?
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        This is the last post about SpinReadyPLR since TrafficKahuna finally gave a definitive answer about what needs to be done with it:

        "All PLR needs to be edited, or else you would just be putting the same content that every other user of PLR does. The greta thing about SpinPLR is that the formatting for what you are going to edit is already laid out. There are already spin variations built into the content so you only need to change wording as opposed to writing brand new sentences as you do with most PLR. But it still needs to be changed in order to be unique"

        So the claim that SpinReadyPLR "does all the writing for you" obviously needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

        Also the way TrafficKahuna promoted SpinReadyPLR promoted SpinReadyPLR was "Get this content, plug it into TK = TRAFFIC".

        Now all of that being said, both TK and SpinReadyPLR are high quality services. But if you are thinking you can just get the content and plug it in, then you may want to come up with a better and easier solution.
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          I'm using the SpinReadyPLR content that I download from their database as well with Traffic Kahuna (or Syndicate Kahuna). I haven't had any problems.

          I use autojetspinner with the spinreadyplr content. That gives me a spin-ready version that I can copy&paste into traffic kahuna. I usually check the autojetspinner output with ContentSpinner and change it around a little (takes 2 minutes). That way spinreadyplr can be used perfectly with traffic kahuna. The downside is the added cost. You need to get a contentboss membership for $29/month in order to use autojetspinner.

          But I agree, I've also expected that spinreadyplr will provide spin ready content with the traffic kahuna syntax [spin] as advertised in their email. But at least it's working fine with autojetspinner in between.

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            You need to read the small print.

            The 100 downloads relates to a database of 'spare' plr articles that you have access to. These articles are not spin ready. They are articles that were rejected as not worth writing alternative paragraphs for because the quality wasn't good enough.

            The spin ready articles are paragraph spun only and don't have any sentence or word variations.

            As the sales pitch states, the most important part of an article as far as google is concerned is the opening paragraph. Each article has 4 alternative opening paragraphs.

            Membership is limited to 1000 IM'ers.

            Do the math, its a joke and unless you are pointing more links at your article than the other 999 are, your article is buried under "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 3 already displayed."

            Search one of your sentences in quotes and try it out.

            If you are going to use spin you need to be doing 3 levels and it needs to be on a unique article. Spin the paragraphs then go through it again and spin the sentences within all the paragraphs and finally go through it again and spin individual words.
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              What do you think about the quality of the provided 'Keyword Research'? Do you find it helpful?
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    I have been wanting Content Composer for a while too. So I jumped at this collection of software and PLR material.

    I have a new Vista 64 bit OS and only one of the 3 programs would install. Of course, the one that installed, CC Web builder, won't work without Content Composer being installed.

    I installed microsoft's virtual pc 2007 and then installed a virtual copy of XP on my Vista machine, so now I have all three programs working. Haven't had time yet to play with them.
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      Since I posted previously in this thread about how much I liked SpinReadyPLR I thought I'd better take some time to update the thread with some new and fairly bizarre problems I'm having with SpinReadyPLR.

      As you know, SpinReadyPLR is put out by one of the partners in TrafficKahuna. Of the last two SpinReadyPLR articles I submitted to TrafficKahuna:

      The first SpinReadyPLR I submitted to TrafficKahuna was rejected (all I did was add the spin codes and one transitional sentence). No explanation was given as to why the article was rected.

      The next SpinReadyPLR was also rejected saying it was too similar to an article already in the network. Again, that seemed strange to me since they claim that because they only allow 100 downloads of each article that there should be no issues using them in their networks with duplicate content.

      Obviously if these kind of results continue it would be fair to say that SpinReadyPLR would be useless for TrafficKahuna members, although it might still be OK for other purposes.
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        I got the reply about TrafficKahuna rejecting SpinReady articles from their support.

        "We have a duplicate content check in the system that select 5 sentences from your article and then scans all the other articles in the system to see if there are any exact matches. If there are an error pops up. If you use PLR for the network it will ned to be modified so that it is at least 25% uniques from any other article in the system. It is best for PLR to be modified and personalized before submitting it to our network and article directories."

        Not sure what to think about that. I suppose technically it's "Spin Ready" however, the SpinReadyPLR site makes the claim:

        "With Spin Ready PLR, I've made it even easier... as we do all the re-writing for you."
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          I've been trying to work on a solution to this so that I can recommend Spin Ready PLR again, because it was such a dream when it first came out, but so far no luck.

          This time I combined two of the SpinReadyPLR articles that made logical sense together as they were both about the same topic and flowed nicely together but they still got rejected by TrafficKahuna for being too similar to an article in their network (they look for 25% uniqueness).

          I haven't tested adding a bulleted list in. But again it's not quite what I had been looking for as I was already working on a similar solution and figured SpinReadyPLR would be easier than what I had been looking into having developed.
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