Anyone Try Project Supremacy for OnPage SEO

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Anyone Try the Project Supremacy wordpress plugin for On Page SEO?

What did you think of it?

I'm guessing it might work for a site like "St. Louis Plumbers" but
if you have a site like How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat can you really take
advantage of the schema component of the plugin?

I also wonder what the SEO experts think about it?
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    I would be interested in knowing about this plugin as well. In the videos, they keep claiming they are the best SEO plugin. Is it true?
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    Except for the fact that Herc and Todd walk their walk. I've known Herc since he was in Bring the Fresh and he's big into client SEO, even moving to the US. And Todd's been in SEO since before even that. They know what they're talking about and no they don't hype. If you've been on the webinar you'd know that. True a lot of products are hyped up. This isn't one of them.
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    I didn't buy for three reasons:

    1- I would need to change entirely my web implementation workflow
    PS is a centerpiece plugin (as the name indicates).

    2- I don't mind "calling home" software activations, but I didn't like the fact that a push of a button from backend could "delete" all settings. The "thief clients" argument isn't good enough for that. I prefer to be the idiot that a customer didn't pay than to be the stupid provider that "somehow" loses all work that a client did pay.

    3- I didn't like the keyword planner. I think it could be very confusing with a lot of pages and posts.

    I liked the fact that I learned / revive a few SEO subjects that I will implement with other tools: schema and exif for images.

    By the way, the schema stuff is huge. PS only covers a small part of it. Nevertheless, they are improving it.

    Overall it is a nice "all in one" plugin with a lot of features, way beyond SEO, and authors seem to have a good reputation.
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    ok we are just reviewing this and after reviewing we will go with this,
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    Hey all...been awhile since I posted in WF, but I saw this thread and thought I'd mention that the plugin is open again
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