Ditching Hostgator After 10+ Years...Advice?

by Dayne Dylan Banned
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So recently all my sites on Hostgator have been getting nailed with malware scripts. I've had them professionally cleaned by an expert, added in more security measures, changed passwords, keep everything up to date...and STILL they are getting hacked.

When I use Hostgator support, not only are they super slow, but they have not nearly been as helpful as they were years ago. In fact, very little help.

It's time for me to say goodbye...

Now I need your help/advice on a new host to move to. I need one that has amazing and fast customer service, and offers really great (and very affordable) hosting.

Any suggestions of who you'd recommend would be greatly appreciated (not BlueHost either).

Thank you
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    I use Linode simply because I prefer to take care of everything properly. Requires a bit of linux administration skill, but you know the result for sure or at least have nobody to blame if something goes wrong.
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      Originally Posted by jmferret View Post

      I use Linode simply because I prefer to take care of everything properly. Requires a bit of linux administration skill, but you know the result for sure or at least have nobody to blame if something goes wrong.
      I have no Linux skills, so that won't work. But I appreciate the suggestion
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    I hear more and more negative testimonials about HostGator and especially its support.
    I've also been using it, but decided to move 2 years ago.
    Now I'm using Unihost web hosting. The prices are really affordable and each plan includes so many bonuses I don't understand how they earn at all.
    And which is also great, I've applied to support for two times so far and they applied at once and gave me detailed instructions.
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      hmm curious how come your site can easily get hack?

      for me i using site ground so far no problem....
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      No comment on the hosting (I spend $500/month on a bunch of servers at AWS, which is probably is a bigger jump from Hostgator than you're looking for). I do, however, recommend you use the search feature here as this question gets asked constantly.

      That aside, if the reason you want to move is because of malware infections, I'm very suspect that Hostgator as a host is the problem. Hostgator may or may not be a good host (and from the comments I've heard around here their reputation isn't exactly stellar), but more likely to me than this being a hosting issue is that your credentials have been compromised or that there is (or was) a flaw (or multiple flaws!) in the code your running.

      If the problem has to do with compromised credentials (or a backdoor created by malware you might have had), switching hosts (or even getting a new Hostgator account) could solve the problem (assuming you change all your credentials -- which you should definitely do!) However, if there are security flaws in the code you're running, it's very likely that your switch won't have the effect you're looking for.

      You said your site was "professionally cleaned", but I'm not really sure what a "professional cleaning" would entail. Removing the (known) malware, obviously. And hopefully at least scanning the your server for other malicious code or backdoors. But, the fact is that if the hacker is any good, once you're compromised, it's very difficult to ensure you're 100% clean, without essentially starting over. Which is exactly what I suggest you do. The fact that you're continuing to be repeatedly hacked is very concerning.

      Switching hosts may help, but when you do make the move what I really recommend is reinstalling everything from scratch -- all your software, all your plugins, your themes -- everything -- rather than just copying your files from one host to the other. And make sure that everything you install is trustworthy, secure and up to date. If you have custom code, better to restore it from a backup you have (pre-attack) rather than copy it from a site that was previously compromised. (And I'd look at any custom code line by line to ensure that your custom code isn't the problem.)

      The point is that you never know where there might be a malicious file somewhere doing who knows what and by copying your current files you may be also copying the vector that is allowing you to be attacked in the first place.

      All this will undoubtedly be a much bigger pain than just migrating your site -- but getting hacked again on your new host would be a bigger pain in my opinion, and you'd be right back where you started from. And while a webhost seems like a convenient scapegoat, the truth is that it's far more likely that it's code your running that's causing your security breaches, since shared hosts are generally very locked down.

      Good luck!
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    I've been hearing a lot of good things about WP Engine.

    Their support is supposedly stellar, they're reliable, and they're fairly priced for what you get.

    I'm actually considering one of their hosting plans.

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      I use A2 hosting and I've never had any issues with them. It's fast and there uptime is pretty awesome
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    I'm also with Site Ground and so far so good.
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    I personally use iPage.

    Their customer support is EXCELLENT. They've been able to solve any and every issue that I've had with my website, hosting, links, etc. They've been great. Their security is also pretty solid too. I haven't had any security problems. And if they detect a potential security threat, they notify you immediately.

    So, long story short, I'd recommend iPage.
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    BeyondHosting or Liquidweb are both good
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