Anyone bought into WebinarX?

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I was hit up by a few of the 'usual suspects' promoting this product.

Since I do a lot of webinars, and spend a few hundred bucks / month with Citrix (GTW), this caught my eye.

The promise is one-time payment for a webinar 'system' that combines live & automated webinars.

There are a few products like this out there already, some quite good.

What caught my attention is the idea of "unlimited attendees" because it is "cloud based".

Sounds great, but... what "cloud"? Amazon S3? If so, who pays for the bandwidth? And how strong is the app managing "unlimited attendees"?

Definitely 'sounds too good' and the whole JV/say-anything-promo-launch puts me off, so I figured I'd see if any Warriors took the leap.

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    It seems like they're using Google Hangouts or Youtube or something like this for streamings (the bandwidth), but encoding it in their software...

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    I think you're right Daniel,

    I looked a little closer, seems like somewhat of a knock-off of WebinarJam - which is a front-end for Google Hangouts.
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    I'd love to see a demo "auto webinar" from this system.

    Does anyone have one?
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      Is there anybody who has used this yet ? How does it work? I am assuming that it needs hangout. Is it easy to get attendees into the webinar? Do the attendees have to install anything on their side? Does it work on mobile?
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    Webinar X is a WordPress Theme connected to Google Hangouts. It has options to connect to a few others as well. The purpose is to add alot of useful functionality you would expect with GoToWebinar. And then database the results in the theme's database (MySQL).

    However, I have been waiting for two days now on answers in their ticket support. I have asked three times now through JVZoo when I requested my reslellers upgrade. And twice through ticket support. My issue is the docs and videos don't explain how to set this up so the webinars come directly from your own domain in this way: They sell it and show it in the sales video that you can. However, there is zero tech manuals or videos to show you how to set this up like this.

    Only how to set up like this: Tech support seemed to die off last Wednesday. Which has forced me to post a final warning today, of helping me or refunding all products purchased. Yes there are three upsells.

    It would have been better just to sell the WordPress theme on its own. But they couldn't make the kind of money they wanted, so they basically are selling you the rights to use their hosted theme instead. My issue is no customer support now for two days. Also, I bought the reseller's rights early this morning and I am still waiting for Neil to "approve" increasing the reseller's commission from 50 to 100%.

    So unfortunately, I haven't even been able to even use this product. Only take the time to watch and read the minimal number of videos (4-5 available), one pdf file. None showing how to set this up as advertised. What would you do?
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    Update: Only subdomains can be used. Also, their entire platform has no secured connections! (https). What year is it? All the connections are non-secured, including any their customers use to logon with. I have written them a support ticket asking them to fix this. Now we wait for their fix.
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    I was told that you cannot download your webinar video either, it stays on their server. For us, we need to be able to download so that we COULD use again later and spread across some of the other platforms we use.

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