Where can I find cheap hosting plan?

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to know if you could tell me some cheap hosting plan.also low price domain name.

Thanks in advance!
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    You can visit the following website, it has the top 10 cheap hosting sites; - CHEAP WEB HOSTING SITES • TOP 10 • March 2016
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    If you want cheap hosting, I would suggest you look at either HostGator or BlueHost.

    You get a free domain name upon registration with Bluehost so that might interest you.

    Bear in mind that cheap is often not the best choice.

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    cheap is not always good though

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    If your just starting out I would go with Hostgator.

    They are dependable and the customer service is excellent! You can find a promo code for your first month of hosting. A single domain is like under 5 bucks. I would go for the baby plan. Thats unlimited domains for under 7 I believe. You can't beat it!

    As far as a domain use google and you can get a promo for godaddy and pick up a domain for a dollar for the first year. Total cost to start your online business so far Under ten buck. I mean come on... I love it! Where else
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    most all are inexpensive, so do your research and pick the one you like


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    Can you list some of your requirements? Type of site, actual budget etc?
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    For domain name registration:
    1&1 | Hosting, Domain Registration, Website Services have promotional offer of $0.99 for .com domain

    For webhosting Account:
    I wished you have listed your requirements. Do you want Shared hosting, VPS or what?
    - Interserver have good rate for VPS of $6/Month. You can use Coupon: 1CentMonth to test their service for 1 month at $0.01
    - host1plus have good options to choose from as well.
    - http://ab-hosting.net/ is also good for shared hosting option.

    Hope this helps you.
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