Implementing Mass Control when you don't have a product to launch?

by Pnigro
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Hey guys,

I have Mass Control 2.0, amazing product.

However, I'm far from having my own product. I only have a list and I'm currently promoting a Clickbank ebook as an affiliate.

I was wondering how can I adapt all the stuff to my case in particular.

How should I structure my email sequence if I don't have a product to launch?

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    MC 2.0 is amazing, but geared to someone promoting their product.

    Click on my Commission Blueprint 2.0 below and go download the FREE report offered. It's a meaty 54 page report that goes into the full details on how to promote a product as an affiliate.

    The only danger is that you'll like the material so much, that you'll be tempted to buy Commission Blueprint 2.0 when it launches on September 9th.
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    How far are you really from launching your own product?

    Depending on what niche you're in, and how much expertise is required, launching your own product can be a piece of cake! (Especially when you have MC 2.0)

    Go here and watch the first few minutes:

    See how quick Frank gets into product creation?

    He doesn't need to know anything about the product; a good writer can take care of that and make the product really good and certainly worth the asking price.

    Of course if your in niches like the MMO, Forex, or anything where you need facts and experience this won't work.

    But if your in the "how to build a chicken coop" niche how much experience do you really need? (That's actually a pretty popular product on clickbank right now, weird.)

    Anyway, don't mentally tell yourself you're far away from your target. The minute you do that you will be far away and you'll probably never complete that target.

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    As far as e-mail structure goes you should pick up a copy of Ryan Deiss' product. (Can't remember the name!)

    Just Google it and you'll see.

    It's a solid product and well worth the money; the name isn't too catchy though.


    EDIT: Found it:

    It's more tricks, as the name suggests, but it's a great product and def worth the pricetag.
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      Thanks a lot for your input guys.

      I just finished watching the Week 2 module of Mass Control, the one about character and storylines. Pure genius. I can definetely implement a lot of that into my emails.

      Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    yOU have a great product, use it
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    i think, you've already done enough work by making a list. all you need now are people who have products and are willing to give you commission on each of your sales. if you'd like to help me promote a product, send me a quick email at drinkmaesil@gmail com.
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