Market Samurai Support Desk..Anyone Got Answers Before?

by A Bary
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My system crashed and I got my MS software deactivated, I contacted the support desk to request "resetting my activations" according to their instructions..

3 days passed and I didn't receive any slight response from anyone...

I love this software, and it's my first experience with the support desk, but I don't find it's a great one..

Any feedback about their help desk? how to get them to respond?
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    I got a response in about a day both times I contacted them. I paid for the software and get the better support then if you didn't though.
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      I always get a response within 12-24 hours.
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    They have always responded from my experience. Should not be a problem.

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    They used to have a fast response. Recently I have a ticket which took more than a month to receive a reply !
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      I had a problem with the speed of starting the program in V8.42 just the other day and they responded within 30 minutes. Of course it was night here in Canada, so must have been day in Australia. We had about 4 or 5 correspondences back and forth in about a 2 hour period.

      They made a new build and the problem seems to have been solved. I am also a paid customer and always use the paid customer priority support option on their help desk. I have posted a few times on the forum and not gotten much of a response, but never had much problem with the actual help desk.
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    You can also post in their tech support forum as well. Just open up another ticket. Also, if you're in the thrity day challenge, Brent fo Noble Samurai has invited people to PM him as well. Remember, they're in Aussie land and as such are on a totally different clock. And with the 30 DC in full swing, they are struggling to keep up. But you will get support. I've never had an issue.
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      I asked them about plans for documentation, and had an answer within 24hrs.


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        Finally I received a response...

        I discovered that, unfortunately they don't have a 24/7 support...

        I submitted the ticket on Saturday night on Australian local time, so I had to wait until Monday morning to receive a response.

        Anyways, I still love this software, anyone read this don't take negative impressions from this thread about MS, it's still a top notch software..

        Also, a great tip for everyone using it, if you need to uninstall the software for any reason (as I did when I changed my system) remember to DEACTIVATE the software first from the settings menu, this will save you the hassle of reactivation through support, you'll be able to reinstall and activate your software automatically if you deactivate it first.
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    How do you explain this sentence from above?

    "3 days passed and I didn't receive any slight response from anyone..."

    By your own admission, they received your complaint on Saturday evening and dealt with it on Monday morning.

    Shame on you for starting this thread.

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      I submitted a ticket last night (Sunday) at 8:14pm and I got a response at 9:20pm. That's pretty good since I only have the trial version.

      Unfortunately, they have not yet resolved my issue (software freezing and locking up my computer during the anchor text analysis). But I am very impressed with their SEO competition module and I will buy the software if they can get it work for me.
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