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by midge
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Hi guys.
Did a quick search but it seemed to just bring up topics of people trying to promote / sell their own little courses or newsletters - I do not want this thread to turn into that!!

What I want to know is which Ecommerce courses are reputable and good value for money. Which courses have you personally taken and seen results from?

I'm looking at all platforms of Ecommerce - Amazon / Shopify / your own store etc

I know there is that 'Amazing' course which occasionally opens its doors but it is super expensive. There is also the 'proven' amazon course which is more affordable. Id like people to supply pros & cons for different courses they may have taken or may know a lot about. There just seems to be so many out there its hard to determine which ones are going to be of the best value.

Please no affiliated links / Sales pitches of your own Courses but I would like to hear from people who are actually making a business out of this sort of thing.
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    What exactly do you expect to learn from a course? Technical side? Marketing?
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    I would be interested in finding an answer to your question as well
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      Originally Posted by lonerwold1 View Post

      I would be interested in finding an answer to your question as well
      Amazing Selling Machine.

      As the OP said, it's expensive. For very good reason.

      My ecommerce business earns 6 figures a month as a direct result of the course and I paid off the cost of the course within the first 5 weeks.

      Good luck with your venture.
      Want Straight Answers About ASM? (Amazing Selling Machine). Go To:
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