Best Paid Stock Image Sites?

by Melody
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Not looking for more free image sites, looking for paid sites for a variety of reasons. Today, received what looked like a good membership price for, used to be a member but they were graphic images only, no photos so pretty limited.

On the license overview, it stated images could be used for commercial purposes, ebooks etc. Seemed pretty clear.....until after 15 minutes of digging I found the actual license, and then contacted support to clarify what I found.

Turns out that you have to buy the extended license for anything that is created for resale - not just print on demand like T-shirts - but even for an ebook if you are selling it! You can only use their images on the standard license if you are giving the ebook away - so forget using it for Kindle......

Personally, I found the way the terms were stated in the overview and what the license actually stated - especially considering how difficult actually finding the license was! - to be very deceptive, and very disturbing.

So - anyone have a decent priced stock image site you can recommend? I was using Adobe's, but they closed it and moved everyone to Adobe's new image site and 3X the price.....great site, wonderful images, but not the bargain that it was before!

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