Chris Rempel's Affiliate Armory/Affiliate Intelligence Archive

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Has anyone bought Chris' latest product the affiliate armory/affiliate intelligence archive? What's your opinion??
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    Good question, I too would like to hear about this.

    I used to follow Chris blindly until I flopped with the msn loophole, cost me heaps.
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      I bought it. It is exactly as it says. Pure intel on what niche markets are successfully being promoted now and with examples of how and where - Clickbank, CJ, etc... + more.

      I'm too busy with so much more markets, keywords & brainstormed ideas to choose from. The info is organized well and that in itself is a huge time saver for me.

      It is a big database of intel that I can use and reuse again and again, giving me more time and energy for other things.

      I'm much pleased with my purchase.


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        Very serious about going with this any other reviews?
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          Yaa i too bought this one really its good investement in IM product it saves me hours of time to research what hot it seems author done a good job to create this it the soolution for who want to know abt what super affiliate are doing

          i observed that chris grabbed all data from

          the ultimate keyword research tool

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            Have you heard from Chris lately?

            He mentioned that he will provide us some training materials on how to use the database more effectively + the upgrade.

            But haven't heard from him since....
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              I have been very dissapointed by Chris Rempel Affiliate intelligence program, he forked out 200 $ from us and delivered us with a bunch of excell files containing some data about ads from several affiliate programs like and clickbank and some data from Google Keywords, but you had to open every file to know what's inside without knowing if it would be in an interesting niche. He promised us to create a software or an online website, so that we could have access to recent information on a continue base, but failed to deliver. Well I guess his name of Lazy marketeer is just right. He created a few other programs after that, but I won't buy again from him untill he delivers on his past promises. It is not that he had not the time to deliver. Guess he has something to setup straight.

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