Profit Tab Problems. Hold Off Buying For Now

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I went ahead and purchased the Profit Tab Pro Version and Uploaded it to one of my blogs which is secured.

Bottom line it does not work...

Waiting on support but my suggestion is HOLD OFF until I get an answer.

I will update you asap..

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    I am having the same problem and I even uploaded a favicon. Also waiting on support.

    I could not find the box that says insert title on the active tab shown in the training video. Mine just says insert title on the hidden tab. The title is the words you want to have scrolled across the tab such as "Come Back to for more deals"

    On the other hand, I do see it working on an affiliate marketer's site but he is using the Pro version.
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    I just got the typical email response from support telling me I did something wrong. I have all my sites code so I know everyone who goes to my sites as well as how many pages they view and how long they stay there. I responded back that if they bothered to visit the site and clicked any of the page tabs and then moved to another tab, they would have seen the problem. It works on all pages except for the home page. This sort of defeats the purpose of the plugin but if they bothered to do a proper investigation, they would have caught on to what was going on instead of giving my an off the wall push it back on the customer response. I also went out of my way to remove any possible conflicting plugin and tried again with no luck. You can see how this plugin works on my website as well as see the problem. I've managed to work around this as you can see on the site but it would be nice to have it work on the index page as well. Nice plugin but it needs some tweaking and CS needs to look at stuff rather than try to push things back on the customer. Most people are not savoy enough to work around a problem plugin so this might be a nightmare for a lot of people. I've also been around this forum for 18 years so I don't speak up unless there is a problem. See for yourself. (Yes I jumped on the domain name as soon as I heard it come off the lips of Boehner). ...Got 10K hits the first day. RAD
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    Hey all,

    It has been a while since I posted here, but figured I'd chime in on this one.

    I know that Bruce and the team have been working very hard to get everyone's questions answered, and that they WILL get your problems solved. I've known Bruce for a long time, and he'll get everything sorted out. It might not be instantly, but it will happen. You have to keep in mind that he's dealing with hundreds of customers right now, and no matter how quickly you try to get through support, things take time when they're not outsourced to some random person who is getting paid nickels per response. Bruce is handling these tickets himself (on very little sleep I might add). I'm not saying that to try to excuse a curt response, but it happens... give the guy a break.

    I've used his ProfitTab, and know it works. That said, there are literally trillions of possible combinations of plug-ins you could be using, and it's possible that any one of them, or a specific combination of them, could be causing a problem in your instance that no one else on the planet will experience. That's not to say there isn't a bug, but when it's working for most people, and in all the test environments, diagnosing a bug remotely can be very difficult.

    You mentioned that in the support request, you asked him to look at your site. I'm sure he'll do that at some point, but in fairness to all his customers, he can't spend 4 hours diagnosing one issue right now, when he has hundreds of other people to speak to as well. Yes, you're just as valuable and important as everyone else, but the same goes for all the other customers. It's not fair of you to have to wait, and it's not fair for them either. He has to prioritize somehow, and it seems that you might be towards the end of the line due to the complexity of the issue.

    Just because something isn't working for you, doesn't mean that there's going to be a problem for everyone. I'm sure they know you're having a real issue, and that it's important to you - just give it a little while, and he'll make it right.

    Yesterday you probably didn't even know that controlling tabs like this was possible, so I'm sure you'll survive a day or two while they catch up, and fix the little issues that come up. Just give him the time, and he'll make sure you're taken care of.

    -Gary Ambrose

    P.S. Yes, I've brought this thread to his attention, and he's aware of the issue. He's dealing with customer support now, and may not get in here to respond for a few days.
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    Just got this message:

    "Profit Tab and Profit Tab Pro have been updated!

    This is an important update because it fixes a lot of issues people were experiencing.

    If you weren't seeing Profit Tab activate at all, or the notification was missing, this update will fix that problem.

    It also resolves many conflicts with other plugins.

    To complete the update, simply go to your website admin panel... Plugins... and you should see that Profit Tab has a new update. Click the link that says "There is a new version of Profit Tab Pro available. View version 1.1 details or update now."

    After you update, check your configuration. It shouldn't change, but just to be sure.

    That's it. You should be good to go. . . "

    However, I still don't see any scrolling and I am only seeing this input box

    "Page title when tab is hidden"

    But not seeing an input box for

    "Page title when tab is active"
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    I worked 48 hours straight to get that launched. Yeah, we had a few bugs but I've just released version 1.1 and everyone can update from within Wordpress.

    I was not talking down to you, Mo. Many people complain before they even look at the training videos and I want to make sure they've done what they are supposed to.

    In any event, we were swamped yesterday. Things are better today and we've got ProfitTab working for most people right now.

    Thanks for your feedback and thank you Gary for your response.

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    I have seen an increase in push notification subscriptions.

    24 hours screen shot.

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    No upgrade on Wordpress yet.

    The plugin in the members area is still 1.0


    The PDF on the bottom of the downloads page only redirects to the same download page.
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    OK. It is working on my site now. What happened is I clicked on the update to update to the latest version yesterday and thought that the update had been properly run but when I checked the version this afternoon it still said 1.0. So I went into my dashboard, updated to the latest version of WP and then went to updates and updated the Profit Tab plugin to version 1.01 and now it works and it also works on the home page.

    I was having trouble getting the updated plugin to work on another site so I just deactivated the Profit Tab plugin and then reactivated the plugin and that solved the problem.
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    I'm still not getting the update available on my blogs. They are all updated the the latest version of WP. What I find curious is the members area still had version 1.0 as of yesterday. In any case, the update is still not showing but since you say your home page has it working, that's cool.
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    Is ProfitTab working? We purchased on 12th May and still haven't got access. The site looks down on our side. Any issues with it?
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      Originally Posted by Fabian Lord View Post

      Is ProfitTab working? We purchased on 12th May and still haven't got access. The site looks down on our side. Any issues with it?
      Fabian, my Namecheap dedicated server completely crashed and I lost my backups too. I'm rebuilding from an older backup. The site will be back up completely in another day or so.
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        Originally Posted by Bruce Wedding View Post

        Fabian, my Namecheap dedicated server completely crashed and I lost my backups too. I'm rebuilding from an older backup. The site will be back up completely in another day or so.
        That's great to hear Bruce but i've sent several support tickets through since the date of purchase on 12th May and no response to them. Also sent through a couple of email.....same thing, no response. I've messaged you privately on this forum, no response.
        The sale transaction went through, all we're trying to do is get access & whilst the purchase shows in JVZoo, no logins were sent through to the PP address.
        It would be most helpful if you could send me a reply back so we could resolve this quickly. It's been almost a month & i'm sure this is just a 1 minute issue to resolve at your end. Just msg me back on this forum or skype me (fabian.lord) so we can keep support issues of this thread. Thanks.
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    Waiting for access. Got a response to a support ticket and I sent a reply of encouragement. No word since.

    I'm not concerned with 'how great a guy' he may be. I'm not looking to marry him.

    A daily email should be sent to all purchasers updating us on the situation.

    Someone has my money. That part worked, just fine. I just want my product. :-)

    Cheers. - Frank
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    Four more days have elapsed with no response, here or through the support desk. I bought this 5 weeks ago and still have not been able to access it. My request for a refund has also been ignored.

    I'm starting to not like what I'm smelling.

    Cheers. - Frank

    P.S. The PayPal button to upgrade works just fine. You would have thought that it would be disabled until things have been sorted, but no. :-)
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