Any marketing courses with "certifications of completion"?

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Are there any internet marketing courses (whether PPC, SEO, eCommerce, CPA, etc.) that have actual certifications of completion such that they'd qualify as a reimbursable education expense? Meaning they're reputable and the student finishes with the paperwork and/or continuing ed credits to show for it?
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    Do you want to make some money, or do you want a certificate?
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    They're not orthogonal.

    The certificate isn't so much for me as it is a qualifying factor for many company reimbursement programs.
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      I wouldn't worry about right angles, or using "impressive" words.

      Pure Academics and practicality are not usually compatible in most people.

      Get down to the nuts and bolts of learning some valuable information, applying it, offering a great product to people that want it and therby making some money.

      Then you will see your income increase geometrically, exponentially or even logarithmically if you do it right
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    Cute, but you're missing the point. I'm asking because I've got some education funds to allocate, and there are, as you'd expect, some requirements. One of them being there must be a certificate of completion. I know the University of San Fran now has an online internet marketing "masters" certificate. Anyone gone thru any of the classes in that one? Know of any others? Or better yet -- this being the review section -- have any experience with them? Thanks.
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    Ok, fair enough. I can't help you with your clarified request, but please bear in mind what I said in terms of your long term success.

    Just trying to help :-)
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    Exactly how much money do you have to allocate for that and will they take a certificate written with Crayola Crayons? We could go in on it 50/50
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