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Hi all!

Until now, I've been very lax about link building, since I'm ultra lazy.

But now, I'm wanting to get a bit of traffic going and am investigating automatic bookmarking programs. I currently have SocialBot, and while it is a nice program and certainly affordable, my laziness knows no bounds and the "automatic account creation" in Bookmarking Demon is VERY appealing to me.

I've been doing some searching and there were some comments about BD not having been updated. These posts weren't too recent, so I wanted to come-here and see if the tool had been updated and if people continued to be happy with it?

Also, how well does the automatic account creation work? Is it truly automatic allowing you to create accounts on Digg, Facebook, and all of the other bookmarking sites automatically?

Thanks for your opinions!
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    I'm wondering since there are no replies at all, is nobody using this software any longer, or is my headline just not attractive enough?

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      I still use it, although im getting tired of waiting for the update BMD5, to fix the sites and app database interface every time i contact them its another week or two and now its been over 3 months since they started telling me that.

      I use it still every day but really its a glorified scuttle submitter for me now, the main sites dont hardly do anything for me if i can even create accounts with bmd on them at all.
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    Thanks cloakmaster - that's exactly the type of feedback I was looking for. That's too bad they're dragging their feet on the updates as the automation aspect is the entire reason a product like this exists.

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    I guess it works well for submissions (i've seen good results) but better if you can outsource the account creation process

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    I too have almost given up with this software, having been promised updates for many months i think the chances of this ever happening are slim.

    15 years of making a living on the net. No wonder I look old.....

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    The software is so old it is almost useless.
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    If you are running a wp-blog there is a much cheaper and 100% automatic alternative. I am using it and having pretty good results. I will write a review on my site later today, so you can see what this plugin does and how it works.
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    God there are so many better and cheaper options...Socialbot for starters. For the money they charge it should be so far above everything else with no excuses......none.....updates on time etc.
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    I promised a review of a WP-Plugin that can bookmark blogposts on auto. I just finished it and you can read it here:

    Bookmark plugin review
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