Rackspace VS LiquidWeb VS WiredTree

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Hi Warriors,

I need a hosting solution that will provide me with instant scalability if we have traffic spikes, that's managed. I am not techie so the technical side of this needs to be handled by the host.

I'm pretty much between 3 hosts right now...

LiquidWeb (probably their Storm dedicated server)

WiredTree (dedicated server)

Rackspace (probably their public cloud)

I'm currently on a good VPS that can easily handle traffic 95% of the time but when large traffic spikes happen (from legit traffic sources), it really suffers.

The thing is, I don't know when these large traffic spikes will always happen so I need something that is either really powerful and is more than I need (LiquidWeb Storm Dedicated or WiredTree Dedicated) ...or something that can instantly scale like Rackspace.

LiquidWeb has great customer service, good plans, a little pricey ...but the ability to scale has to be manually done. You have to notice or know your traffic is going up and then choose to scale up on their storm servers.

WiredTree has good customer service, good plans, and decent plans. My only option with them is to get a dedicated server that is more than I need (b/c you're kind of stuck with the dedicated server you choose and it's specs. Updates take a day or two generally).

And RackSpace seems like a great scaling options but I've heard their pricey if you start using a lot of bandwidth and I don't have any experience with their support/help (and like I mentioned, I'm not techie so I need this).

What do you think?

What's the best option?

Our blog is wordpress based.

Also, I want to make sure the solution also make our site fast. No outdated technology or slow landing pages.
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    LiquidWeb is best option i use LiquidWeb and it has the instant scalability if you have traffic spikes..

    Go For It...
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    I've been with Wiredtree since 2007 although it's a managed VPS. Every time they have an upgrade in equipment, RAM or memory it has always been free. I'm pretty sure they would be more than willing to work with you on anything you would need.
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    Rackspace is the best incase you looking for easy scaling.

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    Without knowing a lot about your site, then per your requirements, only LiquidWeb and RackSpace scale. WiredTree does not on dedicated servers. I've used all three and the support is excellent on all platforms. Ultimately, it comes down to price and features.

    That said, you may not need to change hosts. If you're primarily serving static content (articles) from a database (aka WordPress site), then you should ask your host if they include any server-side caching solutions to reduce the load on the server. Think of it as tuning an engine for optimal performance vs buying a bigger, stronger car. A host should be able to provide these types of solutions. For example, I recently upgraded a WiredTree server with LiteSpeed, MariaDB and WP-Rocket and increased performance by 220% (from 8sec to 2.4 sec) for only $20/mth extra + $39/yr for WP-Rocket. Needless to say, the site is blazing now and I didn't have any upgrade/move worries to deal with.

    If you happen to run a WP site, also check out https://kinsta.com. The word around town is that this host is kicking the speed pants off everyone in the WP Managed hosting world.

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