Does Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Workweek Work in IM?

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Who is Timothy "Tim" Ferriss? Well, let's just say every Hollywood producer and an actor end up in tears to the very mentioning of his name. His life is a great movie script from A to Z. You can Google him and rest assured, you aren't going to be bored, even for a second. To make the long story short, Tim Ferriss is...

The 4-Hour Guy

When I say 4-hour this and 4-hour that, I don't mean to diminish his popularity nor influence. There is a book called The 4-Hour Workweek, then there's another called The 4-Hour Body, and finally the third one The 4-Hour Chef. So, you can read these books and take care of your business, body and kitchen in 4 hours per week or less. Our hats off for more than 1.5 million copies of the book, which were sold over the world, but let's focus on the Internet Marketing. Is Tim an Internet Marketer? Is there a connection between the 4-Hour Week and Internet Marketing? Are there some invaluable things we can apply from his books and teachings in the Internet Marketing?

Show me an Angel Investor and let's Startup together!

If there's something strange in your startup
Who you gonna call? Tim Ferriss!
If it doesn't look good and you wanna giveup
Who you gonna call? Tim Ferriss!

Seriously, Tim Ferriss is a voice of hope your startup needs to hear every now and then. He has been, let's call him, a special advisor for a dozen of serious business names and promising startups, such as Facebook, Uber, Shopify and many others. But wait, what is that got to do with the Internet Marketing? Well, if you are asking me, I have to be painfully honest. Based on my research, I've realized that a relationship between Tim and Internet Marketing was a one-way street. Tim heavily exploited and used the social networks, especially blogs, among other things to promote his first and most successful book. But, basically, that is it. If you have expected a magical Internet Marketing stick, then you are going to be disappointed.

Tim is a great guest speaker, but it is definitely not an Internet Marketer. Also, both Marketing and Motivation begins with the letter M, but they aren't the same thing. Tim can take care of your startup motivation. He is undoubtedly a life saver when you begin to doubt your entrepreneurship dreams. He is a demolition man. Someone you call to make room for your business, but not in the Godfather's the movie way. Then, if you decide to get a useful lecture about Internet Marketing, you and Tim are going to end up your friendship very quickly. My advice is to get a pro-Internet Marketer, first. Once you position your startup successfully and you are eager to move forward, Tim is the guy you should call.

Lead us into victory, but what after we win?

I remember my white collar sales days. We used to have two types of sales directors. The first ones were the country managers, the pioneers, "the founding fathers." They were great sprinters, but when it comes to long-term and maintenance duties, they were not effective. After you made a critical breakthrough in the market for the first time, you need the other type of sales directors. They aren't explosive nor charismatic, but they are excellent and reliable long term runners. Tim is undoubtedly the first category business pioneer. He is a "snowpiercer."

The trouble is that you can call him when you are opening a new gym, restaurant, or launching a new app. It is all the same for him, but it is definitely all the same for you. Successful and above all useful Internet Marketers don't have to be charismatic and rock star speakers, although they often are. Sometimes, all you need is a "technician" who knows how the job gets done. Someone to show you how to use your website, blog or social media. Someone to tell you a few useful things about SEO. Tim can be of use for an hour or two, for a day or two. However, you need more time to build an Internet Marketing empire. You need builders, not warriors.

Rome wasn't built in 4-hours

Finally, reading Tim's books you can definitely change and improve quite a few things in your private and professional life. However, for your own good, you shouldn't believe in everything you read. Achieving a life-changing success with a four-hour workweek is simply too good to be true. Tim wrote his book, when he was required to work no less than 14-hours per day. If you can barely sleep and eat, because you have to work 24/7, almost literally, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. If, and only if, you reach your goals. This is called meritocracy. So, prepare yourself for some hard Internet Marketing work and forget about shortcuts. It isn't going to happen, not now nor ten years from now. It is better to say here is my 14-hour workweek concept, which will give you a 140% chance to succeed. Work hard, play smart and hope for the best.

If Tim can write a book called the 4-Hour Internet Marketer's Workweek or the 4-Hour Working Day in Internet Marketing that really works, I would be happy to frame his portrait and put it in my living room. Needless to say that I would learn that book by heart from A to Z. Until then, I will work with a good old, out of shape and poor presenter Internet Marketer, who knows his way around in the Internet marketing jungle. He or she doesn't have to a TV star, including a reservation in the New York Times bestseller list. I don't want to make history. I just want to make money online. I don't need a hero, just an Internet Marketer to help me move away from the zero.
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    The 4 hour workweek - it's what you get AFTER you put in 100 hour weeks for as long as it takes to build a successful product or service.

    That's the trick - build the system, have someone else run it. Supervise.
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      I also read that the 4-hour "system" worked nicely for the author thanks to the overwhelming number of personal assistants. Guess, you need to work 400 hours, so one day you can afford to work only 4.
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    Use "4 hours" as a metaphor. By far the biggest message I found in Tim's book is how he does things, not how long it takes him. He manages his time so he's only doing what he doesn't mind doing to maintain his income and as well all know; when you enjoy what you do for money and you can do it in a way that allows you to enjoy all the things you want to enjoy in life as well it's not really work.
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    Don't follow that book, if you ask me. It'll lead further from the REAL 4-hour workweek.
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    Passive income since 2007. Trying to consistently crack 5-figures/month. find what you love - dream big - work hard
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    Find a problem, solve it, work out your system. Hire people to run the system (aka get out of being "in" your business). done. But it does take time at first. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a lazy idiot.
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