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Hey guys,

I've been trying to find out about "My Funnel Empire".
I saw the offer presented by Michael Cheney when I bought his "The Commission Machines"

I've looked into it a little but from what I got from the sales page and reviews on Youtube, I can only tell that it is a sales funnel system that allows you to sell "his" products or, you can plug in your own other affiliate offer, basically have a funnel for whatever you have to sell.

Anyway, I can't find what "his" products actually are, however, one is expected to pay for the system to sell the products they have. You don't even get a walk through of what you would be buying or what it actually does.

It just says "all you need to do is drive traffic and the funnel will build your list and take care of all the selling".

But, I just can't seem to find the products that we would be selling.

Thanks for any input.

Robert C.
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    Hi Robert

    I have the product plus i am an affiliate for that

    Since you will be the founding members

    You will have a funnel fully monetized funnel with few of bryan winters product itself plus some other products which are proven to convert .You will be giving the funnel to your end user but then they will have to get the products if they would like to monetize their funnel

    If you want to build your list fast then MFE is for you

    You cannot add your own offers

    In short it is as simple as getting traffic to the funnel let the funnel do the magic for you

    It is created by bran winters who is the best when it comes to building viral funnels

    I would say give it a try you will not be disappointed period
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      Also, what I am wondering is if you are building a list for Mr. Winters as well.
      Do you know if your list of people that opt in to your funnel get added to his list as well?

      I really don't want to be building someone else's list for them.

      Robert C.


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    Hi Robert

    Thanks bud for the reply

    There is no way you are building anyone's list besides yours

    Yep as a bonus bryan has given one more fully decked out where you will be the end user

    In that case you will be building his list

    But for MFE you are the sole owner of that list

    It is yours and yours only

    Hope this clears

    Let me know if you have any other question bro

    I have tried to answer all the question in the classified section of WF

    Thanks much
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    What type of traffic do you send to this funnel, solos? Or is there training about buying other traffic?
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    Hi mikec513

    yep solo ads would be the easiest to begin with

    Brian lists all his resources from solo ads to banner ads etc

    These are the places from where he gets his traffic

    As far as other traffic sources are concerned I have them covered in my huge bonus pack

    you can check it in the classified section

    Bonuses cover both free and paid traffic in great details

    Have a great day mate

    god bless you
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    thanks man yep i did miss it

    Having said that it will be a massive fun customizing the entire funnel

    God bless you mate
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