payment feedback is very bad.

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Hello my warrior friend,
I inform payment based very bad feedback. and if you will give busness and after that talk about your paymet so I will not get answer.
I think, should change minimum payment system.
BrokerBabe minimum payout 200 euro.
but any affiliate give asain country traffic so very difficult to achieve 200 euro in a month or 2 month.
expm : I was 500 -1k mobile send traffic to BrokerBabe.
then I earn 57 euro in 40 days. and I tell BrokerBabe manager send me payment
BrokerBabe manager said me (Hi we make this every monday 200€ minimun payout)
and my tube site top rank in baidu and yandex search engine. then I have get more traffic.

then I don't send 57 euro. at this time better to leave BrokerBabe. mean I will not work with BrokerBabe. and I will not send traffic to BrokerBabe because worthless and time west.
and BrokerBabe should understand for any affiliate many small expenses
like hosting, internet and some more.

all affiliate is not rich like pornhub, xvideos, xhamster and more...... owner.
very poor ad network

just imagination my warrior friend, 100 affilaite will give 50€ business to brokerbabe network and after that 100 affilaite sent traffic any problem. so how much earn brokerbabe ad network.
just imagination my warrior friend

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    Most networks have some form of a minimum payment threshold and €200 is actually still reasonable.

    Read my incredible story:
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      Originally Posted by badboy_Nick View Post

      Most networks have some form of a minimum payment threshold and €200 is actually still reasonable.


      but any affiliate give 1€ or 2€ sell by Asian country traffic. so no limit to payout. ok sir


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      Sorry for very late see this post.
      this my reply not for blame and claim U sir.
      any adult related advertiser is no benefit to pay free sign up lead. ok this process to only lead gen for future convert to sells by subscribe free sign up lead. but advertiser is give little $ anount to free PPL to affiliate. but advertiser take sell with share affiliate network. without share affiliate $. so advertiser and affiliate network move to Rich to rich. but afiliate in works same $ position.
      and advertiser is make money with subscribe free lead gen PPL by affiliate. but I dont write here cuz some affiliate read marketing method. so future affiliate no need to advertiser. so
      and I was saw in your some offers in web CC submit PPL. and and if people submit CC info, affiliate nework work said yo PPL and sign up but CC info lead gen market price so high. and I knows, whats doing advertiser CC info by collect affiliate promotion.
      you touch my skype after I will teach you.
      Advertiser have enough to 45 days for track fraud detection by email subscription and info and some more. cuz my friends work on paytm company data analysis. so
      you told me - (Going here online, shitstorming about something that is common in the industry and clearly communicated shows me a lack of professionality in your behavior!)
      just asked you 'Iuliana Gavrila 2014 last winter time, who told about CPA marketing UniAds based skype.
      that time, your company only work CPM, eCPM, cpc but your company not works CPA.
      then I was tell her request about CPA offers monetize like same your work then you can make more $$$. after some U start CPA monetize works.

      and I knows fully Affiliate = Affiliate Network = Advertiser between marketing & business.
      Nice to meet you sir,

      Sorry if you thought something bad.
      don't mind
      I only reply to you for marketing business knowledge based.

      thanks for time


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