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I am Merry Blossom and I have been always a member who loves warrior forum but am usually the quiet person reading every ones post learning and trying different methods. I wrote a small e-book called "online business for pennies" with what I have learned from online forums, paid membership sites and other e-books.

I would love to give a free copy to anyone who wants to read it and tell me what they think about the book. I do have affiliate links to the products I use personally in the book. I was going to sell it for $7. I would like to have input from members at warrior forum.

Let me know who wants the free copy - my e-book is intended to help people like who lost everything trying to be financially free by starting different businesses.

Appreciate your help and advice.
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    My review:
    No hype or misleading promises and you hold true to the title of the book. Newbies will be able to get started for pennies with the information provided. The article marketing strategy is what sealed the deal for me. You share a step-by-step system that makes the often dreaded task of article marketing easier and faster. All the additional resources you recommend are useful and relevant to the information in your book; not a bunch of fluff laced with affiliate links. Many newbies will relate to your "business" experience (I do) which is a big plus. The ebook is written in a conversational flow that's easy to follow; not too much internet marketing tech talk that will go over their heads. Just enough information is given to put the strategy into action without being overwhelmed or getting bogged down with information overload.
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      Hi Merry,

      I got some spare time over the next few days, if you fancy sending me a copy I will give you an honest review


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        hey Dave:

        Sorry for the late reply. I have been out for a family emergency. Email me at blossomvinson at hotmail dot com and I willl send the copy to you. Thank u

        Merry Blossom
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    Ok , send me acopy and i will write areview after reading it ...

    thanks ...
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    Hi Merry
    I am a newbie here at WF. However, I am a marketer by profession and have been for the last 25 years - based in Australia. I am happy to review your copy from the perspective of your intended market - who are exactly like me and have like-minded reasons like mine for coming into IM.
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    Hi Merry,

    I'd like to take a look at your ebook. I have not been very successful with online marketing after spending many $1,000's so would like to find a simple inexpensive system that works.




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    Hello Merry,
    A fresher here at warrior forum and this is actually my first post. I would like to read your book as I have also been a victim of mass buying and loosing all the money on all hype and no balls products so far. I've been spending money for the past 3 months and still havent been able to put one single product or website live.
    Your book maybe helpful
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