Has anyone used 99 Designs?

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Hi Everyone,

A client of mine is creating a new website and wants to bypass my suggested web developer and work on a 99 Designs option.

Basically, after signing up my client will get 40 website options and then can choose one to fine tune and hopefully it will fit his needs.

My question, I haven't used this platform before and I'm not convinced it is the best option as the people working on here basically don't get paid if their designs aren't selected, so I can't imagine the quality would be red hot.

Has anyone used https://99designs.com.au/ before and if so what was the experience like?

My client has been given a $2000 budget for a landing page, which should be fairly possible however I'm not confident of the quality ....

I'd love to hear your experiences with 99 Designs.
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    I used it around 8 years ago for logos and it was great. No experience on the web design side of it, though.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    If your budget is high enough it will attract some decent designers to your project.
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    I did a couple of the contests just to see what happens:
    1. A winner's logo looked identical to a trademarked logo.
    2. Saw a company post a contest, but never did declare a winner. I've checked their website several years later, and they are still using the same old logo they've always had. So I guess someone was just trying to steal ideas from artists for free? 
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    99designs is such a great concept and platform for both designers and business owners. As a believer in free market, competition will generally generate the best products.
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    Thanks everyone. My client is pretty keen to try them out. I have heard mixed reviews and I would really prefer working with people I already have existing relationships with as I know they will work on the design until I am 100% happy however I will wait and see.

    My client has decided to upgrade his original budget and has now said he will pay for the premium package which for a website is $3299 AUD - which I think is super pricey considering development is not included.

    I will certainly share the outcome and results.

    Thanks for your comments / feedback.
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