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Today I made the best decision of my Online Marketing Career. I sacked one of the biggest Hosting players. All these years I was ripped off by this big bully. When I started, I got 1 cent for the first month and then a reasonable amount for the remainder of the year. That was fine but every year since then, I have been paying stupid amounts for hosting. They certainly didn't care about their loyal renewal customers.... it's a bit like the red carpet treatment for the first year, then thrown in the Sea with full of sharks in subsequent years. Customer service became non existent after they attracted the bait.

So now I need some good hosting for up to 10 websites. I've been hearing about Lifetime Hosting which launched today. What do you think guys and gals?
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    Seems like an unsustainable business model. Hosting requires a lot of support and infrastructure expenses that a one-time model simply cannot sustain.

    If low cost is the factor, then Cloudways with Digital Ocean for $5/mth is a much better deal, imho.

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    Yeah, sounds too good to be true. Even hosting which is priced at $5 per month will eventually become crap, let alone a lifetime one.

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    Why don't you buy a VPS and host it yourself? That way you will have full control over your websites, traffic or storage and server settings...
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    Nothing is free!

    The only way I can think of it is as a good option for developing and testing environments, I would get one for my development and testing purposes, but I am not sure this is a good idea for hosting important projects.

    I've developed the WordPress Rich Snippets plugin to help you markup your content with different types of markups and get rich snippets for rating stars to show in Google's SERPs.

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    I highly recommend Just today I uploaded a plugin I purchased and activated it on one of my sites. The site and admin access became inaccessible. I put in a support ticket, and incredibly they fixed it within 30 minutes. This is my 5th hosting and so far definitely the best.
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    You should buy VPS and host it for yourself if you ask me.
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      Originally Posted by Diskretni View Post

      You should buy VPS and host it for yourself if you ask me.
      Well,if he can afford to pay hosting it is not bad too,he doesn't have to go trough some troubles he would go when buying VPS.
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        Originally Posted by Froggys View Post

        Well,if he can afford to pay hosting it is not bad too,he doesn't have to go trough some troubles he would go when buying VPS.
        And what are the ''troubles'' when buying VPS.
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    I did try this a few years ago and got taken as the site shut down after a year and reopened again asking for new clients. Would not try again. Robert
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    Nightmare....plain andawe simple

    Tech supports useless....couldn't even upload a WordPress theme

    The Great Challenge...or the Great Distractions...Which one is winning

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    I recommend Hosthead. I have a few sites there and rarely any issues. If there is, they respond like lightning.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    If you main business is marketing then doing a VPS/Dedicated server might be the last thing you want to do.

    The main thing about hosting is, you do not have to worry about updating, learning about web servers, email systems etc etc.

    As long as you avoid any EIG host you should be fine!

    If you go for a VPS you might find yourself worrying about it going down, being secure etc.

    A smaller boutique host like bigscotts might give decent service.
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    Another vote for BigScoots. I've been with them 2 years, never had an issue and support is lightning. In my former tech support role, once they say that BigScoots was better, the company started recommending them as well.
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    For lifetime hosting solutions I would recommend you to have a look at , They have affordable web hosting solutions with lifetime Discounts. contact the sales team for more details. hope you get best hosting plan for you.
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