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I had purchased Product Presto Brandable Software Bundle in the beginning of February 2016. The software wasn't all that bad. Was definitely better than a lot of other PLR/white label software I've used in the past. There was definitely room for improvement, though. I had submitted some suggestions for the Recipe Manager software. I promptly received a response from support.

Months have passed by since I had communicated back and forth with support. I was curious as to whether any of the software had been updated. Unbeknown to me, it appears that the company has gone belly up.

I first tried to access the original website, That just gives an error. Seems as if that website is no longer live. I then searched my emails to see if there was anything about this. I found an email dated June 15, 2016. The email was for original buyers of Product Presto. A quick Google search showed that the domain was at one time on sale on Flippa. The email that I received stated the following:


We have set up a membership site for the original buyers of Product Presto. Your membership login details are below. Please change your password at the earliest convenience. Thank you!


Please login to the members area at:

Thank You,
PLR Pays
I removed the username and password. From the email, it seems someone had bought the business. Given the listing I found on Flippa, that seemed to confirm such. However, it seems that the person didn't keep the business going long. It's barely been two months since PLR Pays had taken over and their own website (i.e. is no longer live.

On the plus side, when I see how quickly PLR and white label software go belly up, it does encourage me to develop decent PLR software that will be supported and will stand the test of time (i.e. won't work a year later due to poorly-designed software).
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    I don't think you are exactly on point over what happened. Its something that happens all the time. A business owner decides to sell his business to bring in a big chunk. Someone with less experience buys and doesn't know how to market it or service the product so they waisted their money because they quit taking the buyers down with it. Its a problem. But not the softwares problem imho
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    I can understand that someone decides to sell their company. However, if I purchase a software from an Internet Marketer, a software that he made himself, am led on by support that improvements are being done on said software and not only does that never happen but the entire business is sold to someone else a mere four months later. On top of that, nothing ends up being done with the software or business. It fails! How on Earth can you expect me to have any confidence whatsoever in that Internet Marketer again?

    All I know is that I originally purchased the Product Presto software package from Benjie Altres. Less than four months later some unknown person that owned PLR Pays notifies me of the new login. Said company went belly up some time between the time I received the email and a few months ago.
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    I wonder if this is the Benjie Altres - that you're looking for?
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      It may be. Not sure, though. In all, though, I did learn my lesson to never purchase any product or service from him again, should he ever open another online business. More than anything, my time and money were wasted.

      The software itself wasn't a huge loss as it's something I can build myself. The software he created was built using the Tiger Software Builder. I can build the same type of software using one of the RAD tools I develop software with such as Neobook/NeobookDBPro or Fusion 2.5 Developer. When I purchase PLR software, I do my best to purchase something I can create myself should the seller or company goes belly up.
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