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has anyone taken any of his courses? are they worth money? I am new to email marketing so I am exploring options. I believe his course inbox blueprint. Any thoughts.
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    Yes, there's some useful tips inside the first version of Inbox Blueprint (I bought that a few years ago). However, that course is over priced in my opinion. You can get the same perhaps even more if you browse Aweber blog or getting similar courses at Amazon Kindle marketplace.
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      Originally Posted by Leo Ribeiro View Post

      Actually I have a question for you guys...
      What's the best email marketing course?

      Right now I'm struggling to convert in sales...
      I bought Avalanche Building List from Paul but it's all about funnel and I need to have a product, which I don't have it right now.

      1) I wonder if is there any funnel for affiliates as we don't have access to the "buyers" list.
      2) Also, I'm capturing 70 leads a day but did not convert any sales... This is my current structure:
      email 1: welcome + free gift
      email 2: try to sell my offer
      email 3-4-5-6: info
      email 7: second try to sell....

      I don't know if it's my copy, I'm in music niche (guitar lessons), and my open rates right now is about 20%... What rate should I expect to be a good sales rate? 2%?

      Thank you,
      Autoresponder Madness was recommended before in this forum. It is a bit pricey (just like Anik's IB), and here's the link:

      I haven't try it by the way, but this product gets rave reviews in this forum and some trusted review sites.
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