Does anyone here use reddit as a major traffic source?

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I have been in internet marketing for a few years now and use lots of social networks to promote my links, mainly YouTube and twitter.

I have heard that some people have gotten lots of traffic from reddit and I was wondering if anyone here uses it and could give some tips?

Thanks in advance!
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    I have tried using reddit but not getting any success in it. I would say there are lots of articles there and if you wont give much time then you wont get traffic better to do forum marketing and fb marketing than reddit
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    I think for any success with Reddit you need to be able to post in a very relevant category and use only your best content. I also think to be a general helpful user to others for a few months (show your genuine interest and knowledge on a subject) before posting your own content helps, it looks more 'social' and less self-promotive. If you jump into an on-going conversation just to say, "Hey, look at my piece" it could go really badly. Best of luck
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    I see people posting links to premium wordpress plugins so I am thinking maybe they are getting traffic to those pages? Not sure if they have to pay to post.
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    I've gotten tons of traffic from reddit but it was crap traffic. It almost all bounced out and I didn't get one conversion out of 900 hits. Total waste of time. I've even tried reddit ads. Just a waste of $36.
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