Your Done For You $100/Day CPA Business

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Your $100/Day CPA Business is a "service" by offered by someone named Allen Martin of Greenwich, UK.

For the fee (and no additional payments required), the service includes:

-> 3-6 months of optimized facebook traffic going to a CPA offer chosen from a buyer's CPA a/c,

-> The guarantee of at least $100 a day in CPA earnings after 21 days

-> Triple money-back guarantee should the buyer request a refund.

-> A continual flow of subscribers to buyer's autoresponder (although no guarantee of how many subscribers was given)

My personal experience with this "service" after 21 days and counting are as follows:

-> 0 subscribers

-> 0 sales

-> After 5 weeks (for reasons I suspect - a PDF sent with a bunch of keywords (which isn't remotely what I ordered or what the service offered)

-> A money back guarantee that is ignored after being requested.

Needless to say, in the most polite way possible, this "service" fails to deliver on all its promises.

Update: April 16, 2017: NB: Allen Martin is at it again. He has contacted his list and claiming he wants to come "clean" and is asking for a second chance. He has revealed that he is in fact Christian Gasper and that Allen Martin was a pen-name. Whether Christian Gasper is his real name or not, he has yet to really come clean by refunding the thousands he stole. He is also building new list using low cost offers via multiple new profiles on this forum, under bogus names and photos of other people. What will come next is his high price offers, where he'll take people's money and run. Just hope admin deletes these profiles before Martin/Gasper claims more innocent victim.
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    Did you buy it with PayPal? I was scammed before and got a full refund via PayPal by telling PP it was a "coaching program." Just a thought.

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    I bought with Paypal and am currently working with them on an investigation into this.

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    Very sorry to hear that you loss money. The offer sounds good, but hopefully you were able to learn something from it
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